Is the Roksan Kandy a good CD player?

Is the Roksan Kandy a good CD player?

A well-built cd player, the Roksan kandy is heavy for its size with a choice of 7 colors for the faceplate. The black I have is brushed and matches the B&K components that are next to it. The cd tray open smooth and does not “fly” out at you as some cheap machines do. Fair display, but not the best as the nujmbers are small to read from a distance.

How big is the Roksan Kandy MkIII integrated amplifier?

115W x 2 into 8 ohms, 220W x 2 into 4 ohms, damping factor 110, 38dB gain, 5 line level inputs, moving magnet phono input, tape loop, headphone jack, remote control. I listen to classical, acoustic jazz, progressive and blues rock.

What are the changes to the Roksan Kandy K2?

Changes include a new CD mechanism, improved power supplies and noise isolation, as well as a more stable master clock circuit, apparently. Roksan claims these changes result in greater detail retrieval, dynamics and timing – and that assessment is spot on.

What makes the Roksan K3 CD player different?

Unlike quite a few of its competitors, the K3 CD is not attempting to be all things to all men; it doesn’t, for instance, have digital inputs and DAC functions. Instead, Roksan has concentrated on making the best disc player that it can for the money by redesigning the main PCB from the K2 player and using higher quality components throughout.

Is there a standby function on the Kandy K3 CD player?

There is no standby function on the K3 CD Player. However, we advise to power off the unit via the Power button, located on the front left of the chassis. Q: My Kandy KD-1 CD Player has developed a fault.

Can a Spendor S6s work with a Roksan Kandy AMP?

Combined with the Roksan Kandy amp the sound is dynamic yet refined and detailed. It does”t favor any particular music style but vocals sound out of this world. My wife (the musical ear of the union) felt that Barber and Krall sounded so natural and real. The Roksan combo mated extremely well with the SPENDOR S6s.