What is a RGB LED Strip Light?

What is a RGB LED Strip Light?

Colour-changing RGB LED strip lights have the ability to produce any shade of any colour by mixing the primary colours red, green and blue, only limited by the sensitivity of the RGB controller you’re using. By combining all three colours equally, LED tape can also produce a pure white.

Are RGB LED strip lights waterproof?

The strip lights are waterproof, can be used indoors or outdoors decoration.

Are RGB LED lights good?

RGB LED Strip Lights are becoming more popular now-a-days due to their energy-saving characteristic, ability to produce vibrant colours (red-green-blue), excellent brightness and very flexible to work with at both homes and offices.

Do LED strip lights attract bugs?

Summary: Because different types of bugs see different wavelengths, it is never guaranteed that an LED light won’t attract them. LED lights produce little to no UV light and a minuscule amount heat, which makes them less attractive to bugs—so long as they emit longer wavelengths of light.

Do LED light strips connect?

The easiest way to connect two LED strips together is to use a LED light strip connecting clip. Two LED strips can be joined with each other using a male to male clip. This clip may take many forms: You can use these connectors to connect two strips together or even connect your LED strip to the power supply.

How long are LED light strips?

An LED strip light is typically half an inch (10-12 mm) in width, and up to 16 feet (5 meters) or more in length. They can be cut to specific lengths using just a pair of scissors along the cutlines, located every 1-2 inches.

What is IP65 LED strip?

IP65 = Water resistant. “Protected against water jets from any angle” *Do NOT submerge IP65 LED lights, these are not waterproof. IP67 = Water resistant plus. “Protected against the events of temporary submersion (10 minutes)”*Do NOT submerge IP67 LED lights for extended periods, these are not waterproof.

What can you achieve with RGB strip lights?

The Addressable RGB LED Strip uses a 3-pin ARGB connector with ARGB LEDs that work on 5V. Here each individual LED can be lit independently or can display different colors irrespective of others, and thus can create much more complex, fancy and beautiful lighting effects that include rainbow, animation , etc.

What are LED strip lights?

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses. LED strip lights are flexible and can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees.

What is the best light bulb for a garage?

The current best light bulb for this application is actually an incandescent. Rough service incandescent light bulbs (these light bulbs are best equipped to do battle with garage door opener fixtures), as the name implies, are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent power cycling and vibration.

How do RGB LEDs work?

How It Works. RGB LED stands for Red, Green and Blue Light Emitting Diode. As its name implies, an RGB LED combines the red, green and blue colors to create a broad range of light in visible colors. It does this by adding the three different colors together. This is called the RGB Color Model.