What is the fastest way to get XP in Tanki Online?

What is the fastest way to get XP in Tanki Online?

The most obvious option would be to buy a score multiplier pass (30, 50, or 100%), which will award you with additional experience points while you play. If you’re not keen on paying out for an SMP, you could also try using Isida.

How do you get free crystals on Tanki Online?

How to get crystals

  1. In battle. From gold boxes that are purposely dropped on the battlefield by users or randomly dropped by the system.
  2. Missions.
  3. Challenges.
  4. Taking part in Contests & Events.
  5. Obtaining crystals in the Shop.
  6. Getting crystals for ranks.
  7. Obtaining Them From Containers.

How do you get crystals in Tanki Online?

You get crystals when your referrals rank up, as well as you get 10% of the number of crystals they buy in the game!

How do you beat Tanki Online?

Five Ways To Win

  1. Introduction. Apart from amazing turrets, hulls, paints, and a huge reserve of supplies, there is something else that all experienced and skilled tankers have.
  2. Method 1: Pushing.
  3. Method 2: Mines.
  4. Method 3: Weak positions.
  5. Method 4: Weapon Specialities.
  6. Method 5: Not to Kill.

How do you level up fast in Tanki?


  1. buy from shop (blindly)
  2. use drugs drones in battle and microupgrade make m2 m3 low ranks.
  3. play 5-7hrs per day.

How many ranks are there in Tanki Online?

There are 31 distinct ranks in the game, from Recruit to Legend. The Legend rank is final, but once a player reaches 1 600 000 points and becomes Legend, after 200 000 more points they will become Legend 2, then Legend 3, and so on indefinitely.

What is the fastest way to get crystals in Tanki Online?

How Can I Get Lots and Lots of Crystals?

  1. Focus on team games instead of death matches.
  2. Focus on big games instead of small games.
  3. Finish your daily missions, every day.
  4. Rank up!
  5. Be smart about Gold Boxes.
  6. Don’t waste the money you’ve got.
  7. Use Isida.
  8. Buy a kit.

How do you get stars in Tanki Online?

The second way to earn stars is by completing Missions. For each daily mission you complete, you will receive 30,50 or 70 stars for each daily mission, and for each weekly mission, you will receive 100, 150, or 200 stars. Sometimes, there are special missions which reward you with stars if you manage to finish them.

How do u play Tanki?

Your tank can be controlled with the arrow keys or W, A, S and D keys. Press Spacebar to shoot, press Z and X to rotate the turret. a) Arrows or WASD keys — The tank’s movement keys (you can also use arrow keys on the numeric pad when the NumLock is off). b) Z and X or < and > — Turret rotation.

Who has the highest rank in Tanki Online?

Players also receive another 40 000 crystals each time they reach a new Legend rank. This continues until the player accrues 2 147 483 646 experience points, or about halfway through Legend 10730; this is the highest possible rank in the game.