Who does Scottie Pippen say is the goat?

Who does Scottie Pippen say is the goat?

Despite being Jordan’s teammate for nearly 10 NBA seasons, Pippen revealed his surprising take on the Jordan-James GOAT debate. Back in 2011, Scottie made a surprising pick for the GOAT debate. On ESPN’s Mike & Mike show, Pippen stated: “Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game.

Who does LeBron James think is the goat?

Michael Jordan
Jalen Rose: “I believe Michael Jordan is the GOAT over LeBron James. Here are five categories I want everybody to always pay attention to: MVP, Finals MVP, scoring title, Defensive Player of the Year, and not only did your team win the championship, you won Finals MVP.”

Did Scottie Pippen say LeBron is better than Jordan?

Scottie Pippen Takes Down LeBron: He’s Not Better than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. “When I look at LeBron, he’s not what Michael (Jordan) was as a player,” he said on ESPN’s First Take on Thursday. “He’s not even what Kobe Bryant was as a player.”

Did MJ call himself the goat?

Michael Jordan Doesn’t Consider Himself As The GOAT, Bestows It To Someone Else. “He (MJ) started getting more and more popular and I was like ‘dog, they say you’re the greatest player to ever play’. He goes ‘come on sal stop’. I said no, people are saying you’re the greatest player to ever play.

Who is better MJ or Kobe Bryant?

Scoring Ability Kobe Bryant has more career points than Michael Jordan, but Jordan was the better scorer between the two. Highlighted by his NBA record 10 scoring titles, Jordan also averaged 30.1 points per game. He led the league in scoring 10 out of his 15 seasons and scored a career-high 37.1 PPG in 1986.

Who’s a better shooter Kobe or Jordan?

Kobe Bryant is a little more gifted athletically than Michael Jordan was. Kobe is a much better pure shooter. Kobe has risen into Michael’s rare air when it comes to making great late shots. Kobe is a little taller, and just as quick and strong.

Does Michael Jordan think he’s the goat?

Michael Jordan believes that it is difficult to have the GOAT debate as you would have to compare players from different eras. Following the end of Bill Russell’s career, he was labelled the GOAT and after Michael Jordan’s career ended, it was almost unanimously agreed upon that Jordan was now the undisputed GOAT.

Who do NBA players think is the greatest player of all time?

Fan poll: MJ tops LeBron in every way A new poll commissioned by ESPN in 2020 found that 73% of NBA fans believe Jordan is the superior player overall, and the Chicago Bulls legend swept all 17 questions comparing him to James by metrics both on and off the court.

What did Michael Jordan call himself?

Black Jesus
Jordan’s legacy has only further been cemented by the various monikers that he has received over the years from His Airness, Air Jordan, and MJ. However, there is one nickname that hasn’t garnered as much attention compared to the others as he once referred to himself as Black Jesus.

Who did Michael Jordan say was the goat?

Michael Jordan says in 20 years, LeBron ‘may beat me’ as GOAT.

Who is the greatest person in the world?

In baseball, even the greatest players strike out much more than they get hits. We also understand that even if a person is great in the sense of having exceptional abilities, they are not a great person unless they also have good character qualities.

What does it mean when someone is called the greatest?

It could also mean elaborate as in great detail, or numerous as in great attendance and great length. It is also used to convey predominance as in the great majority, preeminence as in great chief, or prestige in a title added to a name such as Alexander the Great.

Who are the most intelligent people in the world?

He was a mathematician, engineer, inventor, sculptor, architect, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. He was the epitome of the Renaissance man, bringing to the world his wealth of knowledge to advance mankind’s fate.

What do you call a person who thinks he / she is always right?

Ignorance is the best option. They get highly offended if ignored by others. Originally Answered: What do you call a person who thinks he/she is always right and any other opinion is wrong? How do you deal with such a person? An ego maniac is my best choice. No matter what you say they will just think they are right.