Who is the real voice of Elmo?

Who is the real voice of Elmo?

Kevin ClashSesame Street
Ryan DillonSesame StreetLaurence KinlanLove/Hate
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Kevin Clash: The Man Behind Sesame Street’s Elmo For more than 20 years, puppeteer Kevin Clash has been the voice behind the lovable red monster on Sesame Street. Both Clash “and” Elmo talk with Terry Gross about performing with Jim Henson, and creating a fun, educational experience for preschool-aged children.

What happened to the original voice of Elmo?

Kevin Clash, the voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo for 28 years, has been cleared of three charges of sexual abuse after an appeals court threw out the cases. Clash, 53, was accused by multiple men of sexually abusing them over 10 years ago when they were minors.

Who is the voice of Elmo 2021?

Ryan Dillon
Ryan Dillon (II)

Does Kevin Clash voice Elmo?

Interestingly, however, the original voice of Elmo was Black puppeteer Kevin Clash who voiced the character for 28 years. Clash resigned from Sesame Street in 2012 amid allegations of sexual impropriety, which he denied and were later dismissed due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Who is the voice actor for Elmo on Sesame Street?

Kevin Jeffrey Clash (born September 17, 1960) is an American puppeteer, director and producer. He performed and voiced Elmo on Sesame Street from 1985 to 2012. He also performed puppets for Labyrinth, Dinosaurs, Oobi, and various Muppet productions. Clash developed an interest in puppetry at an early age and,…

Who is the main character in Elmo by Kevin Clash?

After 1985, Elmo, a furry red monster, became his main character. Four puppeteers, including Richard Hunt, had performed Elmo previously, but it was Clash’s development, with a falsetto voice, that established the character.

Who is the puppeteer for Elmo and Benny Rabbit?

Kevin Clash. Kevin Jeffrey Clash (born September 17, 1960) is an American puppeteer, director and producer whose characters included Elmo, Clifford, Benny Rabbit, and Hoots the Owl from Sesame Street; and Azibo the Monster from Panwapa.