Who was in the poster Your country needs you?

Who was in the poster Your country needs you?

Lord Kitchener
image: a depiction of the head and right hand of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, replicating the pose of Field Marshal Lord Kitchener in the famous First World War poster by Alfred Leete (see PST 2734). text: Your Country needs YOU!

What does your country needs you mean?

This simple phrase with the ominous stare and pointing finger of Lord Kitchener is a famous example of First World War propaganda. The poster is part of the British Military campaign to prompt men to sign up to fight for their country.

Who was on the famous Your Country Needs You propaganda poster?

Leete’s Kitchener poster caught the attention of a then eleven-year-old George Orwell, who may have used as it the basis for his description of the “Big Brother” posters in his novel 1984. It remains recognised and parodied in popular culture.

Who appears on the Wants You poster in ww1?

Renowned recruiting poster from the First World War featuring Field Marshal Lord Kitchener. Perhaps the most famous poster from the First World War, and shows Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, appealing for people to join the British Army.

Who appeared on a famous army recruitment poster?

A recruitment poster of the stern-eyed Lord Kitchener has become a defining image of World War One. A clever illustrator’s psychological trickery has spawned a thousand imitations, writes Adam Eley. It is perhaps history’s most famous pointing finger.

Who created the Your Country Needs You poster?

Alfred Leete
This image, designed by Alfred Leete (1882–1933), and famous for Kitchener’s pointing finger and the words ‘Your Country Needs You’, has become an icon of the enlistment frenzy. However, it did not appear in poster form until the end of September 1914, after signing-up peaked.

How many British soldiers were killed in ww1?

More than one million British military personnel died during the First and Second World Wars, with the First World War alone accounting for 886,000 fatalities. Nearly 70,000 British civilians also lost their lives, the great majority during the Second World War.

Who made the Britons Wants You poster?

Did the I Want You poster work?

His persuasive pose and marked demeanour proved to be a hugely effective tool during the war, and a staggering four million copies of it were printed between 1917 and 1918. While the poster continues to be recognised the world over, its creator’s name has not fared quite as well.

What war was the I Want You poster for?

World War I
I want you for U.S. Army : nearest recruiting station / James Montgomery Flagg. War poster with the famous phrase “I want you for U. S. Army” shows Uncle Sam pointing his finger at the viewer in order to recruit soldiers for the American Army during World War I.