Why is Pan Parag banned?

Why is Pan Parag banned?

RANCHI: The Jharkhand government on Friday banned the manufacturing, sale and storage of 11 prominent brands of pan masala for a year after it found they contained magnesium carbonate, which is harmful for the heart and can cause various diseases. The state had tested these products for three months.

What does Pan Parag contain?

The World of Pan Parag The product “Pan Parag” was launched in the year 1973 by Late Shri M.M. Kothari, the founder of this Mega brand. It is a combination of Betel Nuts, Cardamom, Lime, Catechu and Natural perfumes.

What are the side effects of pan masala?

Among experimental animals, it leads to neoplastic lesions in lung, liver and stomach. It is hepatotoxic leading to increased level of enzymes, deranged carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. It is harmful to kidneys and testes leading to increased creatinine and sperm deformities respectively.

Who is the owner of Pan Parag?

and is the pioneer in launching the concept commercially with the Brand name “Pan Parag”. SHRI DEEPAK KOTHARI – is the Chairman & Managing Director of Kothari Products Ltd. and also the Chairman and Managing Director of M/s. Pan Parag India Ltd.

Is Pan Parag banned in India?

The pan masala brands prohibited and specifically named in the notification are – Pan Parag, Shikhar, Rajnigandha, Dilruba, Rajniwas, Musafir, Madhu, Bimal, Bahar, Sehrat and Pan Parag Premium.

Which is the best pan masala in India?

Dharampal Satyapal Limited.

  • Manikchand Group of Companies.
  • Kothari Products Limited.
  • Godfrey Phillips India Limited.
  • Which is best pan masala?

    • Rajnigandha. The non-tobacco Pan Masala that redefined industry standards, Rajnigandha is the world’s largest selling premium Pan Masala.
    • Rajnigandha Meetha.
    • Rajnigandha Clove.
    • Tansen Supreme.
    • Rajnigandha Saffron.
    • Mastaba.
    • BABA Supari.
    • BABA Black Supari.

    What is difference between pan masala and gutka?

    Gutka, although similar to paan masala, always contains tobacco. Typically, gutka consists of a powdered mixture containing chewing tobacco and other ingredients similar to paan masala (e.g., areca nut, catechu, limes, and spices) packed in thin foiled packets or tins [7, 9, 12, 13].

    Is pan masala harmful for liver?

    Animal studies have shown that pan masala leads to tumours of lung, stomach, liver, testes and skin. It damages the liver and disturbs the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

    What is gutka called in English?

    Gutka, ghutka, guṭkha or betel quid is a chewing tobacco preparation made of crushed areca nut (also called betel nut), tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime (Calcium oxide) and sweet or savory flavourings, in India, Pakistan, other Asian countries, and North America.

    Is pan masala and gutka same?

    Pan masala plus tobacco is equal to Gutka square–new formulation of tobacco in India after the Gutka ban.

    Which is the flagship company of Kothari Group?

    Kothari Products Ltd (KPL) Flagship Company of Kothari Group is a Top Player in PanMasala & Gutkha. The Company Manufactures and exports Pan Parag Pan Masala Gutkha and Parag Zarda in India.The Company promoted by M M Kothari in September 2003 as a private company was converted into a public company in November 1994.

    Who is the director of Kothari Products Singapore?

    Vikas Chaturvedi has been appointed as a Director of the Company -Kothari Products has formed a new Company in Singapore in the name of “Kothari Products Singapore Pvt Ltd” as its 100% subsidiary Company. – The company has recommended a Dividend of Rs. 20/- per Equity Share of Rs. 10/- each i.e. 200% for the aforesaid year.

    Who is the manufacturer of Pan Parag gutka?

    1999 – Kothari Products Ltd, the manufacturer of the popular Pan Parag gutka, is diversifying into the entertainment industry by setting up a multiplex complex at Kanpur initially and in other cities in Uttar Pradesh at a later stage.

    Which is the best brand of Pan Parag gold?

    – Kothari Products, manufactures of the Pan Parag brand of pan masala, is all set to take on rival Manikchand in the western Indian markets of Gujarat and Maharashtra. – The company has launched Pan Masala Gold and Gutka, it is unlikely that it will affect the popularity of Manikchand.