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Are Bolle sunglasses any good?

Are Bolle sunglasses any good?

Bolle is my favorite brand for sunglasses. I have worn Bolle sunglasses for the past twenty years. They are the most comfortable highest quality sunglasses priced under $100.00. You will be hooked on the comfort, quality and overall value of Bolle sunglasses after you purchase your first pair.

Where is Bolle sunglasses from?

French Alps
Nestled on the edge of the French Alps is the small town of Oyonnax where Seraphin Bolle and his son founded this brand, best known for their “Bolle sunglasses”.

Are Bolle sunglasses polarized?

Bolle Marine collection of sunglasses are polarized for fishing, sailing and other marine sports.

Is fashion eyewear real?

Are all of your products authentic? We guarantee that all of our products are 100% Authentic. Fashion Eyewear is an authorised retailer; all of our products are entirely genuine and purchased directly from the brand manufacturers. This allows us to offer you the latest eyewear trends at extremely competitive prices.

Who is Bolle owned by?

A&M Capital Europe
Bolle Brands is a portfolio investment of A&M Capital Europe, the private equity fund that acquired it in August 2018. With this new acquisition, Spy Optic joins existing brand portfolio of Bolle, Bolle Safety, Serengeti, Cebe and H2Optix. “We are excited to have acquired such an amazing brand.

When was Bolle founded?

Founded in 1888 in Oyonnax, France, the Bollé family originally designed and manufactured combs and hair accessories from horn. In 1936 the company launched the production of sunglasses and optical frames in Celluloid and then Rhodoid.

What sunglasses do US Marines wear?

A lot of marines prefer to buy Oakley, because the sunglasses are light, durable and long lasting. The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) is made from the recommendation of several opthamologists, so that the eyes remain protected during combat.

Does fashion eyewear ship to USA?

At Fashion Eyewear we are happy to ship to residential and work addresses worldwide. It’s very important that you check that all delivery address information give us is full and accurate. Please note: Once an order has been placed, the delivery address cannot be changed.