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Can you buy a YouTube Play button?

Can you buy a YouTube Play button?

Can I buy a YouTube Play button? When it comes to the original award, the answer is no, except when the owners of the buttons themselves put them up for sale.

How much does a silver play button cost?

The Icon Awards were a type of award which was cancelled. It came with two types, Silver and Gold, most likely made of wood. The gold cost $425, and the silver cost $225.

Do you get a YouTube Play button for 100000000 subs?

Red diamond creator award are awarded to channels that reach or surpass 100 million subscribers. Inspired by the Diamond Creator Award, it features a play button triangle with a large dark red crystal.

Is there a 1K YouTube Play button?

There is no such thing as a 1,000 subscribers Play Button award! (By the way, there is no award if your channel hits 10,000 subscribers either.) In YouTube terms, 10K subscribers still make for a pretty small channel. So whether you have 1K or 10K subscribers, you will have to work quite a bit more…

How to get the Silver Play Button award?

HOW TO GET THE SILVER PLAY BUTTON AWARD!!! | CLAIM YOUR 100,000 subscriber award here! – YouTube If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How much is the Golden Play Button worth?

If you talk about worth, you can say that the Silver button is for people who’ve made at least $30K on YouTube, and the Golden button for those who’ve done at least $400K Silver play button is achieved at 100,000 subscribers.

Can you sell the YouTube Silver Play Button?

Generally speaking , If somehow you earn the play button (s) you won’t sell it . Note that it will be that high only when you sell it to some collector because the raw price of it is almost NONE . Generally speaking , If somehow you earn the play (s) you won’t sell it .

How much is a YouTube Diamond Play Button?

diamond play button. youtube plaque. youtube. youtube intro. youtube award. youtube channel art. Price ($) Any price. Under $50.