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Can you use 2 for 1 vouchers at Alton Towers Waterpark?

Can you use 2 for 1 vouchers at Alton Towers Waterpark?

Promotional discount vouchers, including 2 for 1 and Grown Ups/Kids go free offers are not valid at Alton Towers Waterpark. Due to the popularity of the Waterpark, all guests must pre-book online to guarantee entry and avoid disappointment.

Can adults go to Alton Towers Waterpark?

Yes the waterpark is suitable for all ages. Some of the hot tubs are age restricted so you can escape the young ones. If you dont want children around try the Alton Towers spa as they have their own pool.

Can you visit splash landings for the day?

All rooms are subject to availability at time of booking. 1-day Theme Park passes can be used on either day of your stay (subject to Park opening) – please check our opening times before arrival. 2-day Theme Park entry does not apply to themed weekends.

How long are sessions at Alton Towers Waterpark?

Alton Towers Holidays Tip: Don’t forget to add Alton Towers Waterpark entry to your short break, simply add your passes when you reach the Upgrades stage when booking. For guest safety and comfort during busy periods, timed sessions may be in operation, these will give access to the waterpark for a minimum of 2 hours.

How do I claim for 2 for 1 at Alton Towers?

Here’s a 2 for 1 voucher for Alton Towers if you travel by train during the theme park season. To redeem this offer, you will be need to use a unique code and an online booking link for the attraction. Simply present your tickets with a valid train ticket on the day of your visit.

How much does it cost to get into Alton Towers?

Theme Park Tickets

One Day Ticket On the day In advance from
Adults (12+ years) £53 £34
Children (3-11 years) £46 £34
Children (under 3 years) £0 £0

How do I claim my Alton Towers ticket from the sun?

To claim, readers must collect either NINE Sun Savers codes or TEN tokens from those printed daily inside The Sun. There will be 13 codes printed in The Sun between Saturday, April 17 and Tuesday, May 4 and readers who’ve collected tokens will then be able to book their free day out.

How much is a hot dog at Alton Towers?

A hot dog £4.35.

Is there a weight limit for Alton Towers?

Please be aware: Spinball Whizzer has a maximum weight limit of 111kg….How restrictive are the restraints on the rides?

Galactica 48 inches
Oblivion 52 inches
The Smiler 56 inches
TH13TEEN Restrictive, please speak to a member of staff
Spinball Whizzer Restrictive, please speak to a member of staff

Is there a KFC at Alton Towers?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), will be leaving the Alton Towers Resort when the current contract between the two parties expires at the end of this season. The new restaurant, located on the existing KFC site, will be called The Fried Chicken Co. …

Is there a water park at Alton Towers?

Alton Towers Waterpark includes wild water features, rapids and slides. Visit our Stoke on Trent water park for a fun, unforgettable family day out. Indoor Waterpark, Stoke-on-Trent, UK | Alton Towers Resort

How much is a day pass to Alton Towers?

Waterpark Day Passes. Entry tickets into the Alton Towers Waterpark. Waterpark Passes. Waterpark Day Pass. Online from. £16.50. Full Price. £18.50. Online Saver.

When do Alton Towers gardens open for the season?

Entry to the historic Alton Towers Gardens. Open between 29th March – 11th April. Free car parking & under 3’s go free! 1 Day Pass. In advance from. £34. On the Day from. £53. All day Theme Park entry.

How big is Alton Towers Resort in acres?

Alton Towers Resort spans over 550 acres so there is plenty of space for your party to enjoy a wondrous visit! Buy in advance & save! Because we’re living in uncertain times, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to amend your booking, ensuring that you won’t miss out if your visit is affected by COVID-19.