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How do I access a shared folder on Mac OS X?

How do I access a shared folder on Mac OS X?

In the Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Connect to Server, then click Browse. Find the computer’s name in the Shared section of the Finder sidebar, then click it to connect. You may need to click All to see all the shared computers. When you locate the shared computer or server, select it, then click Connect As.

How do I mount a shared folder on Mac OS X?

Map a network drive to Mac OS X

  1. From the Mac OS X Finder, hit Command+K to bring up the ‘Connect to Server’ window.
  2. Enter the path to the network drive you want to map, ie:
  3. Enter your login/password and click “OK” to mount the network drive.
  4. The drive will now appear on your desktop and in the Finder window sidebar.

How do I view shared folders in VMware?

Choose the virtual machine and select Player > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings:

  1. Go to the Options tab and select the Shared Folders option:
  2. Under Folder sharing, choose a sharing option.
  3. The Add Shared Folder Wizard opens.
  4. Type the path on the host system to the directory you want to share and specify its name:

How do I transfer files from Mac to virtual machine?

You can drag files and folders to move and copy them between your virtual machines and your Mac. You can move text by copying and pasting or cutting and pasting. You can also drag images between Windows applications and Mac applications. You can drag Outlook attachments from a Windows virtual machine to your Mac.

How do I see all Shared Folders?

Open Computer Management and, on the left side of the window, browse “System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Shares.” The central panel from Computer Management loads the complete list of all the folders and partitions that are shared by your Windows computer or device.

Can I delete shared folder on Mac?

Click the “Shared Folder” you want to remove in the “Shared Folders:” window, and click the minus sign under the window. Click “OK” in the prompt that appears to remove the shared folder.

How do you create a shared folder?

Creating a shared folder on a computer running Windows/Confirming a computer’s information

  1. Create a folder, just as you would create a normal folder, in a location of your choice on the computer.
  2. Right-click the folder, and then click [Sharing and Security].
  3. On the [Sharing] tab, select [Share this folder].

How do I share a folder on a virtual machine?

To set up one or more shared folders for a virtual machine, be sure the virtual machine is open in Workstation and click its tab to make it the active virtual machine. Choose VM > Settings > Options and click Shared folders. You can add one or more directories to the list.

How do I copy files from Mac to VMware Fusion?


  1. In either the virtual machine or your Mac, select the text.
  2. Use the Mac keyboard shortcut +C to copy the text, or. +X to move the text.
  3. Move the pointer to the new location.
  4. Use the Mac keyboard shortcut. +V to copy or move the text to the new location.

Can you share a folder between windows and VMware?

But enabling ‘Shared folder’ option one can easily access a common folder from both Windows and Mac Os x. Apart from folder, you can share a whole drive and use it as a shared drive option using Vmware. At first open Virtual Machine (Vmware) and start Mac Os X.

How to share a folder from your Mac to a virtual machine?

For more information about VMware Tools, see Overview of VMware Tools for VMware Fusion (1022048). VMware Fusion’s Shared Folders feature enables you to access your Mac’s folders from your virtual machine. To access your virtual machine’s folders from the Mac, you need to set up mirrored folders or create a network share.

Where to find shared folders on a Mac?

Open the macOS guest. Click the VMware Shared Folders shortcut on the guest OS desktop. The guest OS desktop displays your shared folders. Parent topic: Moving and Sharing Files with Your Mac

Where to find shared folders in VMware Fusion?

Shared folders can be accessed via the VMware Shared Folders shortcut on the Windows desktop or the mapped network drive Z:. To configure a shared folder in a Linux or Solaris virtual machine: Note: FreeBSD does not support Shared Folders. Launch VMware Fusion. Power off the virtual machine. Click Virtual Machine > Settings. Click Sharing.