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How do I contact Mini Cooper?

How do I contact Mini Cooper?

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch, or you can call us at 866-ASK-MINI (866-275-6464). Customer Service Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET, Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

How do I complain to MINI?

Mini complaints contacts

  1. Email Customer Services on [email protected].
  2. Call Customer Services on 0370 5050 122.
  3. Email General Enquiries on [email protected].
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How do I track my Mini Cooper?

HOW CAN I TRACK A MINI THAT I’VE ORDERED? If you’ve received a VIN or Production Number from your MINI Dealer, you can track the progress of your MINI in the MINI Owners’ Lounge. When you first visit the Owners’ Lounge, you must create a new account for yourself with your VIN or production number.

What is the MINI communication Centre?

MINI Connected is a suite of intelligent functions, apps and services that connects you and your passengers to your MINI, linking you up securely and seamlessly with your world around you. It helps make your everyday life more convenient. And makes driving safer – and more fun.

Can I extend my Mini Cooper lease?

It generally takes about 8-10 weeks to get a custom MINI built and shipped to California. If you decide to order a MINI last minute, we can help you extend your current lease until your new car arrives.

Where is MINI based?

United Kingdom
The Mini Hatch/Hardtop, Clubman, Coupe and Roadster are assembled at BMW’s Plant Oxford in Cowley, England….Mini (marque)

Product type Cars
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1969 (used since 1959 in model names)
Related brands John Cooper Works
Markets Worldwide

Where can I find my mini finance agreement number?

Your agreement number can be found on your welcome letter/email, just below the date, or any other communication sent by us. Click here to see an example letter. Alternatively, you should see this as your Direct Debit reference number on your bank statement, or in your online banking.

Can I track my MINI?

This wait can prove to be difficult, but to help alleviate some of the anticipation, Mini has a website where the customer can track the steps that a car takes from time of order to the day the Mini is complete. Call 1-866-ASK-MINI the next day to inquire about which week your car will be produced.

How long does it take to get an ordered MINI Cooper?

Upon ordering your car through a dealership, your wait time for a production date can vary anywhere from 10 days to 10 months. On the MCS I recently ordered, production started only seven days after the order. Some have even seen a faster turnaround.

Do I have to pay for MINI connect?

You also need a supported smartphone and the MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app, which you can download free of charge from the App Store (App Store Account compulsory) and Google Play Store. Some MINI Connected applications make use of broadband services.