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How do I recharge Lebara?

How do I recharge Lebara?

How to recharge using your Lebara code

  1. Enter *111*CODE*ID number# followed by the send button.
  2. Call *000# / 1755 and follow the instructions.

How do I recharge my Lebara in Australia?

How to set it up?

  1. Go to MyLebara.
  2. Click on Auto recharge option and register your payment details.
  3. Select auto recharge for prepaid plans $14.90, $24.90, $29.90, $39.90, $49.90 and $69.90.

Is it free to call Lebara?

How do you get FREE calls and SMS? You can get credit for as little as £5. Call or SMS anyone else on Lebara in the UK for free!

What is the number for Lebara balance?

There are three ways to check your balance: Dial *#1345# and press the call button to see your balance onscreen. Dial 5588 to listen to your balance. Log in to your MyLebara account online or via the app.

How long does Lebara credit last for?

On Lebara Mobile, all Pay As You Go credit will expire 90 days from the date of the relevant top-up.

How do I activate Lebara?

BY SMS dialing 22241 Do you have credit in your LEBARA account? Simply subscribe to a plan by sending the package code to 22241. A text message will immediately confirm its activation.

How can I check Lebara SIM validity?

There is no way to check Lebara SIM Validity online. The Lebara SIM validity from the day of recharge or any chargeable activity is 60 days. A chargeable activity is a call, SMS or mobile data use that deducts the amount from your current balance.

What countries can I call with Lebara?

Calls to 40 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal.

Is Lebara good for international calls?

Lebara Mobile offers low cost national and international calls to over 200 countries. You no longer have to worry about the cost, with calls to mobiles and landlines starting from 1p/min. So now you can call more often and talk for longer!

How do I get my Lebara PAC code?

Want to leave Lebara?

  1. To get your PAC code text PAC to 65075.
  2. To get your STAC code text STAC to 75075.
  3. To get information on your balance text INFO to 85075.

Is lebara owned by Vodafone?

Since Lebara Mobile is a Vodafone MVNO, it has the same coverage as Vodafone (excluding 5G), which means roughly 99% 4G coverage, 99% 3G coverage and 99% 2G coverage across the UK. Plus, Vodafone is investing heavily in its network, so the gap will likely close.

How much does it cost to use Lebara one?

Lebara One has a starting rate of 12 cents per call. For Unlimited Calling and Texting to other Lebara-numbers a Fair Use Policy of 5000 minutes and 5000 texts per 30 days applies. Do you already have a Lebara SIM?

How often can I make free calls on Lebara?

After topping up 10 = 20 you can make free calls to other Lebara numbers for 30 days (with a maximum of 5.000 minutes per 30 days). Do you already have a Lebara SIM? Do you already have a Lebara SIM? Do you already have a Lebara SIM? Do you already have a Lebara SIM? Do you already have a Lebara SIM?

What is the fair use policy for Lebara?

A Fair Use Policy of 3000 minutes and 1000 texts applies to our Unlimited calling & texting. For Unlimited Calling to other Lebara-numbers a Fair Use Policy of 5000 minutes per 30 days applies.

How can I top up my Lebara number online?

Online top up – MyLebara. To top with our free online service called MyLebara you will first need to register your Lebara number. Click here to register to MyLebara. Once registered you can instantly top up your Lebara number with a registered payment card.