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How do I target my resume?

How do I target my resume?

Tips for Targeting Your Resume The easiest way to target your resume (without rewriting the whole resume) is to include a Resume Summary of Qualifications, a Profile, or Career Highlights section at the top of your resume. Review the job description and then review your resume.

Who should use a targeted resume?

Targeted resume Targeted resumes are customized for specific jobs. These are useful in cases where you are responding to a job posting and are familiar with the specific responsibilities of a position.

How do I take my resume to the next level?

7 Tips to Take Your Resume to the Next LevelDon’t use PDF. You may be surprised to learn that not all of the software that companies use to keep track of job applicants is compatible with PDF formatted documents. Make Every Bullet Count. Clearly State Goals and Objectives. Pay Attention to Keywords. Order Items by Importance. State Your Achievements. Use Action Verbs.

What is the easiest way to make a resume?

How to build your resumeAdd your contact information.Include a summary and objective.Add your work experience.Include your education .List relevant skills.Explain your achievements and awards.Use a business format.Include keywords.