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How do you cite a journal article Bluebook?

How do you cite a journal article Bluebook?

The proper bluebook citation for nonconsecutively paginated journals and magazines is: author, title of work (in italics), periodical name (in small caps), date of issue as it is on the cover, the word at, first page of the work.

How do you cite a blog in Bluebook?


  1. Author (if available)
  2. Titles. Use title bar or page-identifying heading.
  3. Date. Use dates that refer clearly to the material cited (for blogs, include time-date stamp)
  4. URL (but not if it is too long or complicated — use the root URL if that is the case and append a parenthetical)

Is the Bluebook available online?

Editors of The Yale Law Journal have announced that The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is now available online. The Bluebook is a style guide for legal citation in the United States that is used by lawyers, scholars, judges, law students, paralegals, and others involved in the legal profession.

How do you cite Bluebook in Word?

In Word, open the EndNote Tab and login with your EndNote email and password. Click Insert Citations, which opens a search box where you will search for you reference. Click Find and select your reference(s), then click Insert. If the Bluebook citation is not accurate, you can manually the citation.

How do you cite an article in the Bluebook 20th edition?

ARTICLES General Rule: [Author’s name], [Title of the article], [Journal Volume Number] [NAME OF THE JOURNAL (abbreviated)] [Starting Page of the Article], [Pages Cited] [(Year)].

How do you cite jury instructions Bluebook?

The full cite should be to “Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (year)”. The short cite to particular instructions should be to “CACI No.

What is Bluebook citation style?

The Bluebook, formally titled The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, is the style manual for citing to legal documents within the United States. It is now in its 20th edition, more than an inch thick, and consists of over 500 pages of guidance on legal citation.

What is Blue book citation method?

How do you cite Bluebook?

A basic citation to a book includes the following six elements:

  1. Volume number (for multivolume works)
  2. Author’s full name as it appears on the title page.
  3. Title of the book (italicized or underlined)
  4. Page, section, or paragraph cited.
  5. Edition (for works with multiple editions)
  6. Year of publication.

What is the Blue Book citation?

you may use a short-form citation subsequently.

  • such as a brief explanation of the case’s relevance or a quotation from that case.
  • Constitutions.
  • and Codes.
  • Bills and Resolutions.
  • Hearings.
  • What is Bluebook citation format?

    Bluebook format is a uniform system of citation, commonly used in the legal documents or argumentative essays in law. The Harvard Law Review Association from the Harvard University introduced this format. Such higher educational institutions specialized in studying law at Cornell University )…

    How do I cite a book or article?

    How to Cite an Article Inside of a Book Method 1 of 3: MLA. Start your Works Cited entry with the author’s name. Use the name of the author of the specific article you want to cite. Method 2 of 3: APA. Begin your reference list entry with the name of the author. Method 3 of 3: Chicago. List the author of the article first.

    What is blue book style?

    Bluebook style is one of the less known systems of citations that is used majorly in the legal system to provide reference and citations for the literature and sources that are used in legal documents and that build the foundation for the current case.