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How do you make an interdigitated electrode?

How do you make an interdigitated electrode?

Step-by-step fabrication process of the interdigitated electrode: (a) polyimide substrate; (b) Cr layer on the polyimide substrate; (c) Cu layer; (d) photoresist layer; (e) placing the mask pattern on the photoresist layer; (f) transferring the mask pattern onto the photoresist layer; (g) depositing Cu via …

What is need of interdigitated technique?

Interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) are widely used for various sensor applications, such as gas sensor, humidity sensor, biosensor, and so forth [1–10]. The IDE is often chosen as a component for those sensing operation, where electrical signals generated by the sensing material have to be detected via IDEs.

What are interdigitated electrodes?

Interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) are made of two individually addressable interdigitated comb-like electrode structures. However, the geometry and structures of the interdigitated electrodes affect both impedance and capacitance biosensor.

What are interdigitated electrodes used for?

The interdigitated electrodes provide a suitable tool specially useful for impedance, capacitance and conductivity measurements as well as fuel cells.

What is interdigitated structure?

[‚in·tər′dij·əd·əl ‚strək·chər] (electronics) A structure in which the length of the region between two electrodes is increased by an interlocking-finger design for metallization of the electrodes. Also known as interdigitated structure.

What is interdigital capacitor?

The interdigital (or interdigitated) capacitor is an element for producing a capacitor-like, high pass characteristic using microstrip lines. The shape of conductors is defined by the parameters shown in Figure 1. Since the conductors are mounted on a substrate, its characteristics will also affect performance.

What is the meaning of the word interdigitated?

interdigitate \in-ter-DIJ-uh-tayt\ verb. : to become interlocked like the fingers of folded hands. Examples: A finger joint is formed when the “fingers” on the ends of two boards interdigitate for a secure fit.

Which one is the inter digital line structure?

Also known as interdigitated structure. The antenna feeding line comprises an interdigital structure for enhancing signal coupling and to allow more flexibility for wideband impedance matching [8]. The interdigital-coupled feeding line connecting a signal source forms a three-finger interdigital structure.

What are the function of interdigitated finger capacitor?

This example is an interdigitated capacitor composed of seven closely coupled parallel lines. This capacitor has a nominal value of about 0.1 pF below 1 GHz. As the frequency increases, the capacitor becomes more capacitive, due to the increase in fringing fields between the fingers.