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How do you make Earbands?

How do you make Earbands?

Fold your fleece ear warmer headband over from one open end to the other open end and pin them together. Sew across the open end, sewing ½ inch from the edge. Open it up and pin the seam down so that it lays flat. Sew a short line of stitching across each side in order to make it lay flat.

How do you wear a fleece headband?

Your ear warmer should be at an angle and cover both your forehead and your ears. If your headband attaches by a button in the back, instead of pulling your headband around your neck and up onto your forehead, you can simply attach the headband to your head on an angle and button the back to secure it.

How wide should an ear warmer be?

How Wide Should A Headband / Ear Warmer Be? A headband/ear warmer should be about 4″ wide. This is the perfect size to cover ears and keep you warm. You could change this easily if you’d like it smaller or even wider.

How do you line a knitted fleece headband?

Adding fleece (optional) Once you’re done, cut your fleece so it is the same length and width as your crocheted headband. Using matching thread, sew your fleece onto the headband. Make sure to add the elastic loop under the fleece at one end of the fleece. Then sew on a button and you’re done.

How to make a fleece ear warmer headband?

Make your own fleece earwarmer headband following this tutorial. Print the pdf pattern for the ear warmer headband. When printed correctly the long, straight edge should measure about 10 inches. Cut out the pattern and place it on a section of fleece folded in half with the side labeled “fold” against the folded edge.

How do you make your own ear warmers?

Fold fabric in half and place ear warmer pattern on the fold. Pin the pattern to the fabric or use pattern weights to keep it in place, then carefully cut according to the pattern. Unfold the first piece. TIP: As always I recommend pre-washing your fabric so you can get rid of any possible shrinkage later.

How much Fleece do you need to make a headband?

Fleece-very small amount (probably 1/8 of a yard or less) BUT you need to make sure that you can cut your strips the stretchy direction (see below) so test which direction is stretchy before you buy it. You need to buy enough fleece that you can cut your strips the stretchy direction. First, measure your head to see how big it is.