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How do you say I wish you the best in German?

How do you say I wish you the best in German?

General Congratulations & Best Wishes Ich gratuliere! Congratulations! Alles Gute! All the best!

What is the best way to say cool in German?

Geil. Geil is a word used to describe anything you feel is cool, tasty or an interesting surprise.

Do you say bad in German?

How to say “Bad” in German (schlecht)

How do you wish someone happy in German?


  1. Ich halte/drücke (dir) die Daumen. – I’ll cross my fingers (for you).
  2. Hals- und Beinbruch! – Good luck!
  3. (Ich wünsche) guten Appetit/gesegnete Mahlzeit.
  4. Prost!/ Auf Ihr Wohl!/ Zum Wohl!
  5. Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Reise!/ Gute Reise!
  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
  8. Gesundheit!

How do you say wish you all the best in German?

Alles Gute! – All the best! Best wishes! Viel Glück!

What are the most common German words?

Top 100 Most Common German Words. 1. der / die / das (def. art.) the; (dem. pron.) that, those; (rel. pron) who, that. 2. und (conj.) and. 3. sein (verb) to be; (aux./perfect tense) 4. in (prep.) in [variation: im in the] 5. ein (indef. art.) a, an; (pron.) one (of) 6. zu (prep.) to, at; (adv.) too. 7. haben (verb) to have; (aux./perfect tense)

How do you say Thank you Friend in German?

Use “danke” in any situation to thank someone for something. The word “danke” (DAHNK-uh) is the standard way to say “thank you” in German. Even though it’s not very formal, you can still use it when talking to anyone in any context and it will be considered appropriate.

What are some common German phrases?

Standard German Phrases. If you’re just looking to just learn a few of the standard basic German words or phrases, here is a short list of what you’ll need to know: Hallo = Hello. Guten Morgen = Good Morning. Guten Abend = Good Evening. Tschüss = Bye. Danke = Thank You. Bitte = Please OR You’re Welcome.

What is friends in German?

The German word for Best friend is “ Bester freund ”. Even, the Germans manyatimes call the best friend as “ echte freund ” which means real friend. Its the difference that occurs from language to language. “ Du bist wirklich mein bester Freund” which means “You are really my best friend”.