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How long is the subway hike in Zion?

How long is the subway hike in Zion?

This is a very strenuous 9.5-mile through-hike that requires rappelling skills, 60 feet of rope, and extensive route finding experience. The route also requires swimming through several deep pools of very cold debris-filled water. The trail begins at the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead and ends at the Left Fork Trailhead.

How long is the subway hike top down?

Subway Top Down

  • Trailhead Location: Begins at the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead, ends at the Left Fork Trailhead.
  • Distance (one way): 9.5 miles / 15 km.
  • Elevation Change: 2,400 feet / 730 m.
  • Estimated Hiking Time: 6-12 hours.
  • Important Notes: A Wilderness Permit is required to complete this route.

How many hikers have died in Zion National Park?

Thirteen hikers
Zion’s Angels Landing has claimed 13 lives since 2000. Thirteen hikers have fallen and died from Angels Landing since 2000.

What is the most popular hike in Zion National Park?

Angels Landing
Angels Landing is the most popular hike in Zion National Park. The final climb of the hike involves scaling a narrow ridge high above the valley floor. With chain-assisted rock scrambling sections, stunning views, and vertigo-inducing heights, this really is a thrilling hike.

Do you need a permit to hike the Narrows in Zion?

Hiking in The Narrows upstream as far as Big Spring does not require a permit. Doing the hike this way allows you to see some of the most spectacular and narrowest parts of the canyon.

What do I need to hike the Subway in Zion?

A Zion wilderness permit is required for all hikes through the Left Fork/Subway (“bottom up” and “top down”). This canyon has gained epic popularity and the National Park Service has an advanced lottery and last-minute lottery system in place to allocate permits to 80 people a day.

Is the Narrows a difficult hike?

How difficult is hiking the Narrows? Not very difficult, unless you want to hike the entire trail length for an all-day adventure.

How long to hike Angels Landing Zion?

Angels Landing is one of Zion National Park ’s signature hikes. The breathtaking views are not achieved until you ascend strenuous switchbacks and then climb the 500 foot vertical hike up the spine of the mountain. The hike takes about 4 hours to complete round-trip.

Where is Zion located?

Zion National Park is an American national park located in southwestern Utah near the town of Springdale . A prominent feature of the 229-square-mile (590 km 2) park is Zion Canyon , which is 15 miles (24 km) long and up to 2,640 ft (800 m) deep.

What is the subway hike?

The Subway is a day-use area only. This is a strenuous 9-mile round-trip hike through the Left Fork of North Creek that requires route finding, creek crossing, and scrambling over boulders. This hike begins and ends at the Left Fork Trailhead on the Kolob Terrace Road.