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Is nothing more still a band?

Is nothing more still a band?

Nothing More is an American rock band from San Antonio, Texas. The band continued to promote the release moving into 2018, releasing singles, “Do You Really Want It?” and “Just Say When”, and embarking on multiple North American tours into 2019.

Who is the lead singer for nothing more?

Jonny Hawkins
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When did nothing more start?

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Where are nothing more from?

San Antonio, Texas, United States
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What does nothing more nothing less mean?

You might use “nothing more, nothing less” in relation to a person who thinks they are of higher status than they actually are, or a person who tries to act outside their remit or area of responsibility. For example: He spoke back to the Sergeant. He had to remember he was a private: nothing more, nothing less.

Is nothing more than meaning?

If you say that someone or something is nothing more than a particular thing, you are emphasizing that they are only that thing, and nothing more interesting or important. [emphasis] The newly discovered notes are nothing more than Lang’s personal journal. See full dictionary entry for more.

Is highly suspect Rock Band?

Highly Suspect is an American rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The band consists of twin brothers Rich (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums, backing vocals), Johnny Stevens (guitar, lead vocals), and Matt Kofos (guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals).

What does it mean to be nothing less?

2 —used to say that something is the least that a situation, person, etc., requires or will accept He demands nothing less than the best service. I want nothing less than a full refund!

What does nothing less mean?

(also nothing short of something) only a particular quality in something, and not worse: The chef will accept nothing less than perfection from his kitchen staff.

What does Nothingless mean?

1 : the quality or state of being nothing: such as. a : nonexistence. b : utter insignificance. c : death.

What does I want nothing less mean?

2 —used to say that something is the least that a situation, person, etc., requires or will accept He demands nothing less than the best service. I want nothing less than a full refund! This job requires nothing less than our best effort.

Why did Highly Suspect break up?

Highly Suspect were due to play their Glasgow show on March 21, however, due to the pandemic, they were forced to cancel. Brig caught up with lead singer Johnny Stevens to talk about the cancelled shows, their latest album, and Highly Suspect’s future plans.

When did the band nothing more come out?

The album’s lyrics took a lot from Hawkins’ struggles, including the first track of the album, “ Gone ”, which speaks about his mother’s battle against cancer. After years of being unable to find a record label, the band struck gold with their fifth and self-titled album, Nothing More, which was released independently in 2013.

Who is the drummer for the band nothing more?

Mike Wengren, the drummer of the band Disturbed, cited Nothing More as one of his favorite newer hard rock bands, citing them as one of the examples against the “rock music is dead” argument.

Who are the current members of nothing more?

In 2004, the band released the more funk -influenced album Shelter with vocalist Josh Klaus, bassist Matt Reynolds, and second guitarist Josh Kercheville. Klaus, followed shortly by Reynolds, were replaced in 2004 by Travis Cox and Daniel Oliver, respectively; they recorded and released the EP Madhatter’s Bliss in July 2005.

How much is the store of nothing more?