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What are the 5 key competencies?

What are the 5 key competencies?

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies:thinking.using language, symbols, and texts.managing self.relating to others.participating and contributing.

What is personal competencies and skills?

Skills are the specific learned abilities that you need to perform a given job well. Examples, depending on the specific role, range from handling accounts and coding to welding or writing tenders. Competencies, on the other hand, are the person’s knowledge and behaviours that lead them to be successful in a job.

What are job competencies?

Competencies are the knowledge, skills and abilities, and other requirements that are needed for someone to perform a job successfully. Competencies define not only what a person must know and do, but also how a person does it. Listed below are competencies that may be needed for a job.

How do you write a competency based job description?

Writing a Competency-based job description – Keep sentences concise and clear. – Essential functions should be grouped into categories that could include several specific responsibilities.

What is a competency based job description?

A competency-based job description focuses more on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully accomplish the responsibilities of the job than on just the responsibilities themselves. UNIQUE: these jobs descriptions are specific to a department or require a very particular set of skills and experience.

How do you write competencies on a resume?

You should add your core competencies section right below your name with contact details and summary section on your resume so recruiters see it immediately. Adding this section to your resume provides two major benefits. The first is that it can gain the attention of any employer reviewing your resume.

How do you write competencies?

When writing your competency example make sure you cover both ‘what’ you did and ‘how’ you did it. In most examples you should focus more words on the ‘how’ than the ‘what’. Follow this by a brief summary of the ‘outcome’. Use either STAR or CAR approach for writing your competency.

How do you write a competency framework?

Design Principles of a Competency FrameworkUse a pre-set list of common, standard competencies, and then customize it to the specific needs of your organization.Use outside consultants to develop the framework for you.Create a general organizational framework, and use it as the basis for other frameworks as needed.

How do you write a good competency statement?

Write competency statements Don’t be vague—statements like “I’m experienced in sales”, “I wrote reports”, “I provided customer service”, or “I was responsible for handling complaints” could be used by anyone. Instead, give specific examples and give context for your statements.