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What can you bring into Lake Winnie?

What can you bring into Lake Winnie?

Bring a canned food item and save $5.00 on an Unlimited Rides Pass. All canned food is donated to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. One canned food item, per person, is required. Guests ages 1-2 and 60+ may not use this offer.

Does Lake Winnie towels?

*Towels are not provided in the water park. Be sure to pack your own. The Water Works at Soakya.

How much does it cost to get in at Lake Winnipesaukee?

Fees. Admission is $5 for adults; $2 for children ages 6-11; children ages 5 and under and NH residents age 65 and over are admitted free. Season passes are available.

How many Lake Winnie’s are there?

Lake Winnie has grown to over 80 acres (32 ha), featuring 38 rides and a 5-acre (2.0 ha) water park with seven attractions….Lake Winnepesaukah.

Opened June 1, 1925
Operating season May – December
Area 85 acres (34 ha)
Total 38

Does Chattanooga have a water park?

Chattanooga’s Best Water Park. Food, fun, and water slides for all ages. Opening in 2013, SOAKya Water Park was the largest expansion in Lake Winnepesaukah’s history. This five-acre water park features a Crazy River, 2 Body Slides, 2 Tube Slides, an 800 ft.

What age does Lake Winnie hire?

16 years old
The company is hiring amusement park workers, catering cooks, and maintenance technicians. Applicants must be at least 16 years old with a work permit.

What rides are at Lake Winnie?

Cannon Ball
Boat ChuteOH-ZONE!Wild Lightnin’Wacky Worm
Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park/Rides

How much does it cost to get into Dollywood in Tennessee?

2021 Dollywood Prices

Dollywood Splash Country
1 Day Pass $79 / $69 / $69 TBA
2 Day Pass $99 / $89 / $89 TBA
3 Day Pass $109 / $99 / $99 TBA
Regular Season Pass $139 / $129 / $129 $109 / $99 / $99

How much is the Tennessee Aquarium?

Cost. Admission to the Aquarium is $26.95 for Adults and $16.95 for children (3 to 12). Kids under the age of 3 are free.

What rides are open at Lake Winnie?