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What do I need to setup Documentum content server?

What do I need to setup Documentum content server?

Documentum Content Server DA (Documentum Administrator) or Documentum Content Server WebTop application must be installed and configured. Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) must be installed on the server running Oracle SES. Currently supported Documentum version is 6.5.

What kind of application is EMC Documentum Webtop?

EMC Documentum WebTop or web desktop is a Web-Based Documentum or client application. WebTop consists of web services, web applications, client-server applications, and many more. Web desktop is similar to the environment provided by the Mac OS, Microsoft, or Linux/ UNIX based systems .

Can you search for documents in documentum desktop?

In this release, search results cannot be viewed in Documentum desktop. The documents and folders can be viewed only using Documentum Administrator (DA) or Webtop applications. For the Container name parameter, a value of repository name alone might not work.

What do you need to know about Documentum enterprise?

Enterprise’s ECM system is used to manage the content from other applications from across the organization such as from ERP’s, CRM systems, and portals. Furthermore, Documentum provides insight into the organization, where you can easily view, edit, or update any document shared with you through the Documentum system.

How does the EMC Documentum content server work?

A Documentum Content Server instance can have one or more DocBases crawled with an EMC Documentum Content Server source. The Documentum Content Server source navigates through the DocBases and the inline cabinets to crawl all the documents in Documentum Content Server.

What are the capabilities of OpenText Documentum platform?

OpenText Documentum overview OpenText ™ Documentum ™ offers a broad set of capabilities to manage and extract value from content of all kinds across the enterprise.

How does home Documentum work in the cloud?

Available as a fully managed or cloud-based service and includes automated orchestration to support deployment to any cloud infrastructure. Offers a robust, fault-tolerant, cloud-ready architecture to manage and control all information content, with multilanguage support and localization for global environments.