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What does SRi mean on a Holden Cruze?

What does SRi mean on a Holden Cruze?

“Z-Series” floor mats. Sill plates. Exterior “Z-Series” badge. The sporty Cruze SRi Z-Series, available on both hatch and sedan models, has an impressive list of standard features such a 1.6 litre turbo engine, satellite navigation, sports body kit and sports suspension. Additional content includes.

Is a Holden Cruze a hatchback?

The Cruze is a small car from Holden, offered in sedan, hatch and wagon variants, with a range of petrol engines and a turbodiesel.

Has the Holden Cruze been discontinued?

Holden ended manufacturing of the Cruze at its Elizabeth plant on October 7, 2016, replaced by the Astra hatchback and new generation Cruze sedan—both imported.

What does Sri V stand for?


Acronym Definition
SRIV Speech Recognition and Intrinsic Variation (international workshop)
SRIV State and Regional Indicators Victoria (quarterly publication; Australian Board of Statistics)
SRIV Sustainable Retention Index Value (visual method of rating the viability of urban trees, development & management)

Is Holden Cruze 2012 a good car?

This car is very thirsty for a sedan and the automatic gearbox is very very poor. It likes to revs a lot and it’s constantly annoying all noise and no go. It’s also got awful seats the ride of car is very hard, very stiff and with the seats being hard also it becomes uncomfortable after 2 hours or so.

Are Holden Captivas reliable?

What major problems has the Holden Captiva had? The Holden Captiva’s problems started with the fact that it was a Daewoo with a Holden badge. Reliability was poor and build quality just as bad and, as a result, the car soon developed a reputation for being more trouble than it was worth.

Where are Holden Cruze made?

South Australia
Most Cruzes were built in Holden’s Elizabeth, South Australia factory from early 2011. Prior to that they came from a GM (Daewoo) factory in South Korea. Quality of build wasn’t particularly good in the Cruzes built by Daewoo.

What’s the price of a Holden Cruze Sri?

Car Showroom tested the Cruze SRi hatchback (1.6-litre turbo) with a six-speed manual transmission. Priced at $22,490, the SRi model also gains sports suspension and, as part of the MY14 model updates, Holden’s MyLink infotainment system (7-inch colour touchscreen, Pandora and Stitcher apps).

Which is the best Holden Cruze JH hatchback?

Have now recently purchased a second hand MY15 SRI-V and it is the best car i have driven. Handles superbly and the 1.6 auto is a pleasure to drive. Yes the MY14 on had very few problems in the 1.6.

Which is the best Holden hatchback to buy?

Holden Cruze JH (Hatchback) SRi-V (2011-2016) has been discontinued. See all Holden Hatchbacks. See the Best Hatchbacks in 2021 as rated by Australians on ProductReview.com.au. Cleaning & Maintenance ?

Why is my Holden Cruze JH turning white?

Some other small issues which are mainly cosmetic include fading on plastic mouldings around the mirrors which were ones black but have now turned a white colour and paint starting to show its age, even with the car garaged every night.