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What does whittled mean?

What does whittled mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to pare or cut off chips from the surface of (wood) with a knife. b : to shape or form by so paring or cutting. 2 : to reduce, remove, or destroy gradually as if by cutting off bits with a knife : pare whittle down expenses. intransitive verb.

What is another name for whittling?

Whittling Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for whittling?

diminishing reducing
wearing away whittling away

What is the antonym for whittled?

What is the opposite of whittled?

built destroyed
developed developt
enlarged extended

What is another word for Mustang?

What is another word for mustang?

pony charger
colt yearling
equine foal
brumby moke
carthorse bronco

Is wittle a word?

(childish, nonstandard) Little. Common misspelling of whittle.

What does the word wilted mean in English?

1a : to lose turgor from lack of water the plants wilted in the heat. b : to become limp. 2 : to grow weak or faint : languish. transitive verb. : to cause to wilt.

What is a word that means as big as a whale?


  • behemoth,
  • blockbuster,
  • colossus,
  • dinosaur,
  • dreadnought,
  • elephant,
  • giant,
  • Goliath,

What is the synonym of carve?

cut, chisel, hew, whittle, chip, hack, slash. form, shape, fashion. 2’I carved my initials on the tree’ engrave, etch, notch, cut in, incise, score, print, mark. erase.

What is another word for immobility?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for immobility, like: mobility, stability, stolidity, stabilization, constancy, fixity, rigidity, stiffness, inflexibility, stationariness and fixedness.

Is Stang short for mustang?

(slang, US) Short for “Mustang”, a brand of automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company.

Is a mustang male or female?

An adult male horse. A small, hardy, naturalized (feral) horse of the North American west.

What is a wittle baby?

Filters. (childish, nonstandard) Little.