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What happened to The Plain Dealer?

What happened to The Plain Dealer?

On Tuesday, the Cleveland guild announced a decision by Advance to lay off the four reporters who had remained at the Plain Dealer. “After more than 80 years of union membership, Plain Dealer journalists will no longer be represented by Local One,” the guild statement read. “The unit will be dissolved effective May 17.

Is Cleveland com the same as The Plain Dealer?

Cleveland.com, which was launched by Advance Publications in 1997, is the sister company of The Plain Dealer. Cleveland.com has only an online presence, while The Plain Dealer provides a print newspaper only, not a digital edition.

How do I read The Plain Dealer Online?

A: You can access the e-edition through a browser on any device that has an Internet connection–tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop–making The Plain Dealer easier to access than ever! The Plain Dealer app works on Android and Apple devices and is free to download from Google Play and i-Tunes App Store.

How much does a Plain Dealer subscription cost?

The PD says it will include up to four “premium editions” a year to your subscription, each at $2.99.

How do I contact the Plain Dealer?

The Plain Dealer Production and Distribution Center 4800 Tiedeman Road Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 (216) 999-5000 or (800) 362-0727 Hours: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

How much is a Cleveland Plain Dealer subscription?

Just $10 a month. You will be charged monthly unless and until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling 216-999-6000 or by visiting myaccount.cleveland.com.

How do I contact The Plain Dealer?

How do I get a copy of a Plain Dealer?

Call (216) 999-6000, select Print Edition menu and then press 3. Reports received by 9 a.m. will be dispatched to our field team for redelivery to your home. After 9 a.m., we will arrange for the missed edition to be delivered the next day or provide same-day delivery of our electronic replica edition. 4.

What is the phone number for the Cleveland Plain Dealer?

How much does the Sunday Plain Dealer cost?

The PD says it will include up to four “premium editions” a year to your subscription, each at $2.99. The first one will be Sunday Sept. 18 and is an Investment and Retirement Guide.

How much does the Plain Dealer cost?

What is the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer?

Cleveland Plain Dealer front page for 6/28/21. Please send news tips and coverage requests to [email protected]. Cleveland Plain Dealer front page for 6/24/21. Please send news tips and coverage requests to [email protected].

Who is the publisher of the Plain Dealer?

READ E-EDITION Plain Dealer Publishing Co. provides content and publishes in print seven days a week. The company also provides production, distribution, finance, information technology, accounting and other support services for the Plain Dealer Publishing Co. and Advance Ohio.

How to contact the Plain Dealer service center?

Plain Dealer Service Center. Get customer service, advertising and circulation information at www.plaindealer.com or call 216-999-6000. Who to contact at The Plain Dealer. Hold delivery, pay your bill, change of address. Place a classified, celebration or death notice.