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What happens when Cell absorbs you?

What happens when Cell absorbs you?

Cell is able to absorb energy or even entire beings through his tail, gaining all of the strength of the person he has absorbed. He has two methods of absorption: the first method is to stab his target with the sharp end of his tail. Cell will open up the pointed end of his stinger, and it will become a giant sucker.

Can Cell absorb Buu?

Super Buu (Cell Absorbed) was formed when Cell tried to get revenge on Gohan by traveling back in time but he traveled when Gotenks was fighting Super Buu then Buu thought it will be a good idea to absorb Cell then cell ran away to find androids to absorb then he found android 13 but it was to late buu already absorbed …

What happens when a Cell absorbs Krillin?

In this nightmare, Cell succeeds in absorbing Android 17 (Chuck Huber), but accidentally absorbs Krillin who pushes Android 18 out of the way before she could be absorbed, resulting in what would look like a fusion between a Cell Jr.

Did cells absorb 18?

Vegeta gains pride in his son in attacking him. Cell absorbs Android 18 and finally transforms into Perfect Cell.

Can Perfect Cell still absorb?

Cell uses his tail to improve his abilities right up until he gains his perfect form. It was established in Dragon Ball GT that he could still absorb people with his tail, despite it reverting into his body.

Does cell absorb Krillin?

In the canon storyline, Cell was successful and achieved his Perfect Form as a result. However, in the side-adventure, Krillin does his best to save the day and pushes Android 18 out of the way of Cell’s tail. As a result, Android 18 is able to escape while Cell accidentally absorbs Krillin instead.

Why was Cell designed to absorb 17 and 18?

The rules of Cell were pretty clear. He needed to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to achieve his perfect form. Since the word absorb means to assimilate, it was believed that the Androids would cease to exist.