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What is a tanker M1 Garand?

What is a tanker M1 Garand?

T26 may refer to: T26 (trimaran), a late 1940s or early 1950 trimaran sailboat designed by Victor Tchetchet. T-26 tank, a 1931 Soviet Union light infantry tank. T-26 Garand, a prototype for a shortened M1 Garand rifle, also called tanker Garand.

What is a tanker gun?

The Springfield M1A Tanker is a re-creation of a gun that never really existed. This gun, the T26, was never adopted and probably never fielded. Somewhere along the line it got the moniker “Tanker” hung on it—even though the original intention had nothing to do with crews serving in tanks.

Why is the M1 Garand so good?

The combination of semi-automatic fire and an eight-round magazine gave the individual U.S. soldier fire superiority over his enemies and the ability to produce what Patton called “marching fire”—accurate fire at targets of opportunity while advancing on foot.

What kind of rifle is a Tanker Garand?

Through his company National Ordnance (and later Alpine), Penney was in the business of selling remanufactured M1 Garands made from the re-welded receivers of surplus rifles that had been cut and sold as scrap. Penney took his new idea and had some of his sketchy Garands cut down to be sold as “tanker” models.

What kind of tank is the M1 Garand?

Tanker models. Two interesting variants, meant for tank crews, that never saw service were the M1E5 and T26 (popularly known as the Tanker Garand). The M1E5 is equipped with a shorter 18-inch (457 mm) barrel and a folding buttstock, while the T26 uses a shorter 18-inch (457 mm) barrel and a standard buttstock.

How big is the barrel on the Springfield Armory tanker?

In a salute to the storied shortened “Tanker” M1 Garands of yesteryear, Illinois-based Springfield Armory this week unveiled their new M1A Tanker rifle. Featuring a 16.25-inch parkerized barrel and a 37.25-inch overall length, the Tanker is a version of SA’s SOCOM 16 rifle series with a retro styling that includes an all-new walnut stock.

What was the only Garand rifle ever made?

The only T26 test rifle ever built at Springfield was damaged during testing and was either discarded or salvaged for parts. A similar fate likely befell the 150 experimental Garands that were field-modified in the Pacific.