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What is a Transporter Sportline?

What is a Transporter Sportline?

1 Sportline is the top-of-the-range Transporter model, and it comes in two versions: regular Sportline and Sportline Black Edition. Short- and long-wheelbase models are available, as are both panel vans and Kombi vans, the latter coming with a second row of seating making them ideal as lifestyle family vehicles.

What does VW T32 mean?

The highest gross vehicle weight Transporters are labelled T32 – meaning 3,200kg – so look for this when buying used.

Is a VW T32 a T6?

It’s not often you choose to take your holiday in a panel van, but that’s what three friends and I did last month. The latest generation model is the T6 and it’s just been named Van of the Year 2016. …

How much weight can a VW T32 carry?

The biggest payload of 1,309kg is carried by the T32 TDI 110 short wheelbase model while the biggest load volume of 9.3m3 is, unsurprisingly, in the long wheelbase, high roof derivatives. The short wheelbase model has a maximum load length of 2,570mm, which rises to 2,970mm in the long wheelbase.

How reliable is a VW Transporter?

There have been reports of engine failure with the 2.0 TDI 180 bi-turbo and 205 engines, but these are still relatively rare, and the DSG gearbox was known to give problems in earlier VW cars, although the ones that would feature in this generation of Transporter were by and large more reliable.

How reliable is the VW T6?

VW Transporter T6 reliability Considering the VW T6 has now been around for 4 + years and there have only been the few common problems reported above, I think it is fair to say that the latest Transporter by VW is living up to it’s reputation as been one of the most reliable vans on the market.

What is the difference between a VW T30 and T32?

We regularly get asked the difference between the T26, T28, T30 and T32 the only difference is the carrying capacity, the T26 meaning it’s a 2.6T gross vehicle weight, T28 is a 2.8T gross vehicle weight etc… with payloads ranging from 749Kg up to 1,292Kg, these vehicles come in a range of engines and bhp starting with …

What is the difference between VW Transporter models?

The only main difference to the line-up is the lack of a Sportline trim level for the Transporter T6. On top of the T5 models, the T6 also features a stylish new leather multifunction steering wheel, heated windscreen, automatic driving light control and additional noise suppression is also fitted as standard.

What is the difference between VW T5 and T6?

Can I drive a VW Transporter on a car Licence?

Hiring a van is usually a pretty simple process but what’s better is that a number of vans can be driven on a standard Cat B driver’s licence. This category includes most of the typical ‘white vans’ that you see on the road every day, including models such as the Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Transporter and Ford Transit.

What’s the difference between T28 T30 T32?

How much does a kombi Sportline Van cost?

The our Transporter Kombi Sportline hails from the glitzy Hollywood end of the UK van market with list price a shade under £46,000 and an equipment list to cosset our creatives in the manner to which they’re accustomed.

Where can I buy a Volkswagen Transporter Sportline?

With 32 used Volkswagen Transporter Sportline vans available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of vans for sale across the UK. Volkswagen Transporter Sportline T32 2.0 TDI 204 BHP BMT SPORTLINE DSG ( NO VAT !

What kind of vehicle is the Volkswagen Transporter Kombi?

The Volkswagen Transporter Kombi is a van and, true to form, it’s been working hard with the Auto Express film team, helping with the logistics of getting our video content created. But our team of expert camera operators, editors and directors haven’t exactly been roughing it in their commercial vehicle.