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What is an AOTF?

What is an AOTF?

The acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is an electro-optical device that functions as an electronically tunable excitation filter to simultaneously modulate the intensity and wavelength of multiple laser lines from one or more sources.

How does an AOTF work?

Acousto-optic tunable filters (AOTF) are used to rapidly and dynamically select a specific wavelength from a broadband or multi-line laser source. As the applied RF frequency is varied, the transmitted wavelength changes, “tuning” the wavelength of the beam or image in tens of microseconds or less.

What is acousto optic effect?

Acousto-optics is a phenomenon which deals with the interaction of light (optics) and sound (acoustics). The existence of an interaction between light and sound was discovered by Brillouin in the year 1922. The acousto-optic effect may be described as the diffraction of light brought about by sound waves.

What is a confocal microscope used for?

As a distinctive feature, confocal microscopy enables the creation of sharp images of the exact plane of focus, without any disturbing fluorescent light from the background or other regions of the specimen. Therefore, structures within thicker objects can be conveniently visualized using confocal microscopy.

What is acousto crystal?

Acousto-optics is a branch of physics that studies the interactions between sound waves and light waves, especially the diffraction of laser light by ultrasound (or sound in general) through an ultrasonic grating.

What is the purpose of optical sectioning?

Optical sectioning acquires images of thin slices of a thick specimen by removing the contribution of out-of-focus light in each image plane. This removal of unwanted light provides greater contrast and permits three-dimensional (3D) reconstructions by computationally combining the image data from a stack of images.

How does a confocal work?

Similar to the widefield microscope, the confocal microscope uses fluorescence optics. Instead of illuminating the whole sample at once, laser light is focused onto a defined spot at a specific depth within the sample. This leads to the emission of fluorescent light at exactly this point.

What is acoustic frequency?

The audio range falls between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. This range is important because its frequencies can be detected by the human ear. This range has a number of applications, including speech communication and music. The ultrasonic range refers to the very high frequencies: 20,000 Hz and higher.

What is acoustic energy?

Acoustic energy is the disturbance of energy, which passes through a material in the form of waves. An example of acoustic energy is sound energy. When sound travels through any medium, it produces vibrations in the form of waves.

What do you mean by acousto-optic effect?

Acousto-optics is a phenomenon which deals with the interaction of light (optics) and sound (acoustics). The acousto-optic effect may be described as the diffraction of light brought about by sound waves. The acousto-optic effect is caused due to the photo-elasticity of the interacting medium.

Does tem use optical sectioning?

The depth resolution for optical sectioning in the scanning transmission electron microscope is measured using the results of optical sectioning experiments of laterally extended objects. We show that the depth resolution depends on the numerical aperture of the objective lens as expected.

What is an acousto-optic tunable filter ( AOTF )?

Definition: acousto-optic devices which can be used for filtering light, controlled with an RF input An acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) is a kind of optical filter which is based on a kind of acousto-optic modulator . Wavelength tuning is electrically controlled through the applied RF frequencies.

How is the diffraction efficiency of an AOTF controlled?

The diffraction efficiency at any wavelength can be controlled via the corresponding RF power. Depending on the design, a AOTF may work over an optical wavelength range which is hundreds of nanometers wide. Other devices are optimized for high resolution in a narrower wavelength range. Some of them also work with ultrashort pulses.

Who is the American Occupational Therapy Foundation ( AOTF )?

The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) is a 501 (c) (3) charitable, scientific and educational organization founded in 1965. It serves the public interest by supporting occupational therapy research and increasing public understanding of the important relationship between everyday activities (occupations) and health.

Who are the board members of the AotF?

The AOTF is governed by an elected board consisting of members from the public and from the profession of occupational therapy. Its work is supported by contributions, bequests, grants, and endowments.