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When did Andy Warhol take Jean Michel Basquiat under his wing?

When did Andy Warhol take Jean Michel Basquiat under his wing?

When the pop art icon Andy Warhol took the aspiring artist Jean-Michel Basquiat under his wing in the 1980s, neither of them could have expected the intimate and turbulent relationship that would unfold between the two.

Who was the second artist to work with Warhol?

Basquiat was usually the second painter to work on the canvases and had fused his spontaneous, expressive and effusive iconography with that of Warhol. It was also surprising that Basquiat had used silkscreens for a large number of the paintings. In these works it was almost always Warhol who was the second artist to work on the paintings.

What did Andy Warhol do for a living?

Warhol has often been noted for his sense of voyeurism, awkward demeanour, and dislike for human contact. Although he struggled with his own personal relationships, it seems like the iconic artist was more fascinated with Basquiat’s love life and sexual escapades than his own.

Where did Jean Michel Basquiat get his name?

In a diary entry, Warhol recalls seeing him as “the kid who used the name ‘Samo’ when he used to sit on the sidewalk in Greenwich Village and paint T-shirts, and I’d give him $10”. However, it wasn’t until art dealer Bruno Bischofberger discovered Basquiat painting in lower Manhattan that his career really kicked off.

How old was Jean Michel Basquiat when he died?

Warhol’s unexpected death in 1987 took its toll on Basquiat, who was found dead from a heroin overdose the following year, aged 27. Jean Michel at Yanna’s nail salon, August 29, 1983, by Andy Warhol. Photograph: The Andy Warhol Foundation

What are the most common features of Basquiat and Warhol paintings?

One of the most common features in the Basquiat and Warhol series is a GE logo. Their painting GE (1984) has almost equal sides. Its surface is afloat with an alphabet soup of more than 10 heads and an alphabet of letters seemingly missing only a b and an s.

Where was the Basquiat X Warhol exhibition held?

THE JACK SHAINMAN GALLERY EXHIBITED two works in the Kinderhook lobby of its show “Basquiat x Warhol,” held this summer. Both pieces exemplified the violence and antagonism that the advertising and critics played on for the exhibition held at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in 1985 of these two unlikely collaborators.