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Where does bar admissions go on a resume?

Where does bar admissions go on a resume?

When applying for positions immediately after being admitted, it is probably best to put bar information at the top of the rsum. After practicing for a time, most attorneys put this section as the last on their rsum. Do not use the label “Bar Association” to indicate that you are licensed to practice.

How do you list judicial externship on a resume?

Students who intern or extern for a judge should use the title “Judicial Intern” or “Judicial Extern” on their resume. Do not use the title “Judicial Clerk” or “Law Clerk,” as those titles refer to post-graduate, full time positions.

How do you put judicial clerkship on a resume?

If you have accepted a summer associate position, internship, or judicial clerkship, and the job has not yet begun, put it first with title and date (e.g., Spring 2017), but without a description. Tailor your resume to the job. Create separate sections to highlight specialized knowledge.

Is it worth doing a double degree?

A major advantage of a dual degree program is saving money. This is because earning a dual degree is typically faster than earning each degree individually. This could mean not having to pay for an extra year or two of schooling. Having two degrees allows for more professional options.4 days ago