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Which vegetable is rich in calcium?

Which vegetable is rich in calcium?

Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables Cooked kale, spinach, and collard greens are all good calcium sources. Collard greens having the highest amount: a half-cup provides 175 mg of calcium. Orange juice and cereals are often fortified with calcium.

How can I increase my calcium intake?

If you’re avoiding dairy, make a habit of incorporating some of these other calcium-rich foods in your diet:

  1. Canned sardines.
  2. Fortified soy, almond and rice milk.
  3. Fortified orange juice.
  4. Tofu made with calcium sulfate.
  5. Canned pink salmon with bones.
  6. Fortified cereals and English muffins.
  7. Greens.
  8. Beans.

Is Carrot rich in calcium?

Normal carrots don’t contain much calcium. By tweaking a carrot gene, scientists at Texas A & M University and Baylor College of Medicine have developed calcium-rich carrots. In an experiment, 30 adults ate the genetically modified carrots one day and normal carrots another day.

Is banana rich in calcium?

Bananas may not be overflowing with calcium, but they are still helpful in keeping bones strong. According to a 2009 article in the Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, bananas contain an abundance of fructooligosaccharides.

Are bananas calcium rich?

Which banana has more calcium?

Calcium content of common foods

Apple 120 6
Banana 150 12
Apricot 120 (3 pieces) 19
Currant (dried gooseberry) 120 72

Which foods contain the most calcium?

Some of the top foods high in calcium include raw milk, yogurt, kefir, fermented cheeses, kale, sardines, broccoli, beans and almonds. Benefits of eating calcium-rich foods include protection against osteoporosis, bone loss, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

What foods contain high calcium levels?


  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Sardines
  • and collard greens
  • Corn Flakes (They have a lot of calcium in one serving.)
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Soybeans
  • so it’s best to check the label.)
  • What fruits are high in calcium?

    Fruits high in calcium include calcium-fortified orange juice, prickly pears, tangerines, oranges, kiwifruit, mulberries, blackberries, guavas, papaya, and passion fruit. The daily value (%DV) for calcium is 1300mg.

    Which nondairy foods are high in calcium?

    Non-dairy foods rich in calcium include: greens such as collards, mustard, kale, and bok choy; canned salmon (with bones) and sardines; tofu that has been coagulated with a calcium compound; calcium-fortified soy milk, fruit juice and cereals; blackstrap molasses ; and broccoli .