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Who did Frank Ocean wrote thinking about you for?

Who did Frank Ocean wrote thinking about you for?

Frank Ocean
Thinkin Bout You/Composers

When did Frank Ocean Thinkin Bout You come out?

Thinkin Bout You/Released

“Thinkin Bout You” is a song by American singer Frank Ocean, released as the lead single from his debut studio album Channel Orange (2012). The song was written by Ocean and co-written by Islands label songwriter Jeneen Majasty.

Why is Frank Ocean so respected?

Ultimately, the way Ocean earnestly grapples with themes like youth, innocence, lost love, loneliness, desire, and mortality — in a way that feels fresh and extraordinary, in a way that makes the introspective sound universal and transcendent — is why he’s one of the defining artists of our time.

What is Frank Ocean best known for?

Frank Ocean is a singer-songwriter and member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future. He’s known for his debut mixtape, ‘nostalgia, ULTRA,’ and the subsequent albums ‘channel ORANGE’ and ‘Blonde. ‘

Did Frank Ocean wrote for Justin Bieber?

Frank Ocean Wrote Multiple Songs For Justin Bieber’s 2009 Debut EP ‘My World’ Only “Bigger” made the final cut. Although Justin Bieber’s early career association with Usher is well-documented, there’s another, more surprising artist involved in his rise: Frank Ocean.

Who wrote Godspeed Frank Ocean?


Who was thinking bout you written for?

The song was originally written for Bridget Kelly, a pop/R&B artist signed to Roc Nation. Kelley and her team approached Frank about creating a song for her EP Every Girl in 2011.

What Beyonce song did Frank Ocean write?

I Miss You
Ocean has also written songs for several artists, such as Brandy Norwood (“1st & Love” and “Scared of Beautiful”), John Legend (“Quickly”), Beyoncé (“I Miss You”), Bridget Kelly (“Thinking About Forever”), and Justin Bieber (“Bigger”)….

Frank Ocean discography
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What Bieber songs did Frank Ocean write?

The elusive R&B star has a writing credit on Bieber’s 2009 song, “Bigger,” the fourth track off his debut EP, My World.

What kind of song is Thinkin Bout you by Frank Ocean?

See media help. “Thinkin Bout You” is an R&B song with an atmospheric beat. The track is a tender ballad that “retains Ocean’s signature mellow, minimalist vibe,” reinforced with shimmering synths and silky production. Ocean croons smoothly on the song, while employing a falsetto vocal range in certain sections.

What does Frank Ocean mean by ” though IM lying down “?

-Lastly the line about the jet is just him talking shit. Exaggerating. “Though im lying down” is a double entandra (sp) he means literally his body lying down thinking about her but he also means he is “lying” about the jet because he is “down” thinking about her.

When did the song thinking about you come out?

The song in question eventually became “Thinking About You”, which Kelly commented; “it’s sort of a vulnerable track and I wanted everyone to feel me on it.” On July 28, 2011, Ocean leaked his demo version of the song onto his tumblr account, with the title stylized as “Thinking Bout You”. The song was then promptly taken down by Ocean.

Why did Frank Ocean write black and white?

Hence, the “Black and White” reference alluding to going down the same road. Ever and ever. It is a beautiful, powerful song. And I have to say that Frank Ocean, AKA Christopher Breaux, is an amazing, profound poet who literally opened his heart to everyone. And you can clearly see, hear and feel it in his songs. Brilliant talent IMO. Agreed!