How do you get better at HOMM3?

How do you get better at HOMM3?

HOMM3 Guide – Combat Tips

  1. First comes speed.
  2. When both sides have stacks of same speed, in the first round the attacker gets the first move.
  3. If both sides have stacks of same speed, the rounds go zig-zag.
  4. On every side, armies with same speed play in order of appearance on the screen, when the battle begun.

Is conflux good HOMM3?

With 2 ranged units early on, Conflux is in a good position for the early game. It does get worse from here though. Fire/Energy elementals are slightly below par troops. Average stats and bad damage.

What should I build first in Heroes 3?

Build the most important ones first and don’t upgrade until you’ve got all 7 creature dwellings! The reason is to have the highest number of creatures possible. Another important building on Week 3 is the resource silo, the sooner you build it, the more resources you’ll get.

When did Heroes of Might and Magic 3 come out?

March 3, 1999
Heroes of Might and Magic III/Initial release dates

Why is conflux banned?

Elementals are immune to Mind spells and to Bad Morale. Conflux caster heroes are strong, especially some of them, like Luna. Still, other towns also have heroes that are too good and hence banned.

How do you get conflux in Heroes 3?

Only available when the official expansion, Armageddon’s Blade, is installed. Conflux is a neutral alignment town with the planeswalker and elementalist hero classes.

Is Steam a hero?

Buy Steam Heroes Challenge yourself in this new puzzle strategy game; includes 12 action-packed stages, a full soundtrack, competitive online play, all in stunning 720p HD Graphics. It’s up to you to save Steam Land!

How do you make Armageddon’s Blade?

Armageddon’s Blade is the key artifact in the Armageddon’s Blade campaign. Unlike in the regular game, in the campaign game the artifact is created by combining Sword of Hellfire, Shield of the Damned and Breastplate of Brimstone.

Are there any guides for Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

Most guides for HOMM3 apply to multiplayer or scenarios. The guides that do exist for the campaign simply says go here, take this town, then go here without explaining how to do that or specifying the difficulty their strategies work on.

What kind of skills do you have in homm3?

Many of the skills are just generally good (Luck, Leadership) while others are case-specific (Mysticism, Wisdom, Logistics, Ballistics) where the conditions cover anything from Map size, number of castles, type of main hero, type of most used troops, amounts of resources available and all other things up to terrain types.

Who are the moneymakers in homm3 Coyot guide?

Caitlin, Clavius, Octavia, Nagash, Damacon, Jenova, Aine and Lord Haart are moneymakers (all get +350/day, only Haart has Basic Estates with 5% bonus, so he’ll need a few levels…)

When do you need a second hero for homm3?

In most cases it is very wise to purchase at least one more hero to your starting one. Of course, if you have an observation tower in front of your castle and can see from there that all ways out are blocked by some stronger armies and you only have a little space to explore, a second hero won’t be needed… yet.