How much does it cost to install built in bookshelves?

How much does it cost to install built in bookshelves?

The cost to have built-in bookshelves installed averages $2,675 or between $1,273 and $4,097 for a carpenter to do the job. If you buy the materials yourself, you can usually get a handyman to install them for $30 to $130 per hour. For high end custom work, expect to spend $150 to $1,200 per linear foot.

How wide should Built in bookshelves be?

Bookshelf width is typically no more than 12 inches. If the space is limited, the shelf can be reduced to 9 inches. Single bookcase units with two sides, top and bottom should be no wider than 36 inches without a center support.

Is it cheaper to make your own bookshelf?

So one DIY bookcase would’ve cost me about the same price as the laminate one, but I would still own that same bookcase! When you’re comparing DIY furniture to furniture from other stores that is built to last, there is almost no competition: DIY will be cheaper 99% of the time.

Are built-ins a good investment?

Built-ins can be an investment depending on how custom you want to go, and they’re a permanent addition to your space. “Absolutely built-ins add value to a home. Buyers go wild over built-ins,” says Bynum.

How are built in bookshelves made to look?

Despite looking complicated, these built-in bookshelves only have a few components to them. In most cases, base cabinets are the anchor and then the shelves are built. Crown molding or headers are put at the top to make them look like true built-ins.

What kind of paint to use for built in bookshelves?

Once the top and sides of the built-in bookshelves were finished, it was time to give the back wall a coat of paint, you can do this later, but I figured it would be easier to roll a whole wall than do it cubby by cubby later. I’m using the SW color Grizzle Gray mixed in Behr Ultra Satin for the built-in bookshelves.

Can a built in bookcase be attached to a wall?

Starting out with a blank wall, the built-in bookcases are added one at a time and attached to the wall. Crown moulding and a fresh coat of white paint are added as final touches. This six-shelf built-in bookcase would be a great project if you’re looking for a simple built-in that will come together fairly quickly.

How long did it take to build a book shelf?

Quick story, on our last book shelf build that dang crown molding took us a whole year to figure out. We ended up hiring someone just to re-install the crown.