How much does it cost to restore a book?

How much does it cost to restore a book?

What is the cost to restore, repair, or rebind my book? Most book repair projects run anywhere from $165-$235 with the exception of family Bibles, which typically include an additional cost due to the large size and intricacy.

How much does it cost to rebind an old book?

-For books from 5″ x 8″ to 7″ x 10″ and up to 2″ thick, the price for rebinding is usually about $40.00 to $45.00. -Additional charges for differences in size and thickness, excessive mending, re-sewing, half- or quarter-binding, and cover upgrade to leather.

How much does it cost to rebind a Bible?

How much will it cost to have my Bible rebound in leather? Most Bibles average between $125-$175. The cost depends on the type of leather you choose and the amount of repair that needs to be done to the text. If you want to repair an existing cover, the cost is generally between $40-$100.

How much does it cost to get a book rebound UK?

The prices of Bible repairs normally start at around £170.00 and can be up to about £350.00 if they require a great deal of page repairs. Normal tissue page repairs are charged at £25.00per hour. Customers will be advised if the paper is acidic and in very poor condition.

How do you get an old book back?

How To: Restore An Old Book

  1. Take everything apart.
  2. Clean out any dust and dirt.
  3. Restore the book block.
  4. Replace the old cloth with a new one to strengthen the binding.
  5. If necessary, make new letters using a Ludlow machine for typesetting followed by a Kensol stamping press.

How much does it cost for staples to bind a book?

How much does Fedex charge for binding?

Binding Price
Binding Booklets (fold and 2 staples, no trim) Price $0.25
Binding De-binding or re-binding (per piece) Price $1.00

How to contact Leonard’s Books for book restoration?

Keep in mind, if you call our business line, you may get a voice mail message, but we should be returning your call, so leave a message. It would be best if you check out our website first and see if that will answer your questions. The navigation links at the top of this page are a good place to start. Hello, Welcome To Leonard’s Books!

When did Leonard’s antiques and used furniture open?

Leonard E. Haley first opened Leonard’s Antiques & Used Furniture back in 1972 in a familiar storefront in Lafayette, Indiana. After he passed away in 1988, his son Eric continued the family business, gradually adding his favorite stock — books — and changing the name to “Leonard’s Antiques & Books.”

How to restore an antique or rare book?

Antique/Rare Book Restoration 1 Therefore, we are cautious not to: *Do any work that would detract from the value of a book. 2 That said, here are some specific restoration services we can offer you: 3 Conditioning old leather. 4 Repairing torn pages. 5 Reattaching loose boards. 6 When rebinding is the only option.

When do you get your Bible at Leonard’s?

When your book or Bible arrives, we’ll send you an official estimate to make sure we’re all on the same page. When you’ve okay’d the estimate, we’ll put the project on the schedule. After we have received your book or Bible and you have agreed to a final price on your project with an official estimate, you can pay whenever you’re ready.