Is a Geissele trigger worth it?

Is a Geissele trigger worth it?

I have a rifle with a Geissele trigger, and it’s an outstanding trigger. As for “worth it” that’s in the finger of the owner. It really depends on if a Mil Spec trigger works fine for you, or if you want things like adjustable pull weight and break point in a silk-smooth trigger for things like precision shooting.

Which Geissele trigger is the best?

Best Rated Geissele Triggers – Best Ranked Rifle Triggers from Geissele — 13 products / 14 models

  • Geissele Super 3-Gun Trigger S3G.
  • Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger Pack for IWI Tavor & X95 Rifles.
  • Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger.
  • Geissele SSA-E Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger, Large Pin.

What Geissele trigger does the military use?

The Geissele Super Select-Fire (SSF®) Trigger is a select-fire combat trigger that Geissele Automatics developed for the U.S. Special Operations Community. The SSF is a non-adjustable combat style two-stage trigger.

What is a Geissele SSA e trigger?

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger is a finely-tuned semi-automatic-only version of our full-auto, two stage combat trigger presently used in the U.S. Special Operations Community. For a flat bow version of this trigger please see the Super Dynamic Enhanced (SD-E) trigger.

Is Geissele a good brand?

For those that want to buy a complete rifle, Geissele also offers the Super Duty URG-I rifle. While expensive for an AR-15 pattern rifle, it has the benefit of an excellent trigger, accurate barrel, and quality parts made or handpicked by a company known for excellence.

Are Geissele triggers drop in?

For our money, the most important upgrade for any AR is to toss the Mil-Spec trigger and replace it with a Geissele drop-in trigger. Installation is straight forward, and they come with excellent step-by-step instructions.

Are Flat triggers better?

Flat triggers offer a greater surface area for engagement as well as a longer reach. On the other hand, a curved trigger presents a more comfortable distribution of pressure, which some shooters prefer.

What are Geissele triggers?

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) trigger is a semi-automatic only version of Geissele Automatics’s Super Select-Fire trigger. The SSA is a non-adjustable combat trigger that is a precision two-stage trigger and allows precise and accurate trigger control.

What is Geissele trigger?

What barrel does Geissele use?

The Super Duty Rifle features the latest in weapon technology available exclusively from Geissele Automatics. This 16” rifle chambered in 5.56mm features a Nanoweapon coated Surefire Closed-Tine Flash Hider mounted to an in-house 16” Nitride, Cold Hammer Forged, 1-7 twist Geissele barrel.

Are POF rifles any good?

The rifle has an overall length of just 34 inches with the stock collapsed and weighs in at only 7.3 pounds. Fit and finish are excellent, and it’s a nice-looking piece that will impress your friends. So why would you want a 7.62 AR-15? Handling POF-USA’s Revolution gives you the answer.

What’s the name of the Geissele AR 15 trigger?

Pronounced Guys-Lee, we know we butchered the name too. Geissele AR-15 triggers are made for the U.S. Warfighter, and trusted by competition shooters across the nation. Excellent trigger pull, easy installation, and quality parts make Geissele triggers worth every penny.

Is the Geissele AR trigger worth the money?

Excellent trigger pull, easy installation, and quality parts make Geissele triggers worth every penny. Consider it an investment in your AR! You can get Geissele right here at Midsouth!

How much does a Geissele automatic rifle cost?

854014005038 Want to see your products here? Click this link. Free Shipping on most orders over $99. Firearms $12.99-$24.99. Want to see your products here?

What kind of parts do Geissele guns use?

Geissele gun parts are built from high quality materials and to the most rigorous of standards, and as they like to say, they manufacture confidence for the competitor, warfighter, and the protector.