Is Wake Tech a good school?

Is Wake Tech a good school?

Best Value Schools (BVS), a college search guide for students, ranked Wake Tech number one for its “overall variety, affordability, and quality.” BVS was impressed with both the quantity and variety of Wake Tech’s online programs, and its low tuition and strong retention and graduation rates got high marks as well.

How much does a semester at Wake Tech cost?


In-State: $76 per credit hour x 72 credit hours= $5,472*
Student Activity Fee: $35 per semester (Includes Accident Insurance)
Campus Access Fee: $85 per semester
Professional Liability Insurance: $6 per semester

Is Wake Tech a regionally accredited school?

Regional accreditation is a good thing.

Do I need a parking pass for Wake Tech?

All students and staff must have a parking decal to park in the campus parking lots or parking deck. Blue-light security phones are located throughout the parking lots, for assistance or for emergencies. You may also call the Wake Tech emergency number: 919-866-5911.

Is Wake Tech Community College free?

RALEIGH, N.C. (June 29, 2020) – Wake Tech students won’t pay college-wide fees this fall. Under Wake Tech’s “No Fee Fall” initiative, students in degree programs will pay the cost of tuition and books, but will not be charged the usual college-wide technology, student activity and campus access fees.

Does Wake Tech require ACT?

ACT *Scores must be less than ten (10) years old at the time you apply to Wake Tech.

Where is Wake Technical Community College in NC?

© 2021 Wake Technical Community College | 9101 Fayetteville Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 | Main Tel: 919-866-5000

When did Wake Tech Open the main campus?

Southern Wake Campus (formerly Main Campus) is where Wake Tech first opened its doors in 1963, is the home to college administration, including the President’s Office and the Wake Tech Foundation.

Where can I take classes at Wake Tech?

Wake Tech offers a wide range of Workforce Continuing Education (non-credit) classes for professional and personal enrichment, conveniently offered at multiple Wake Tech campus locations and community sites throughout Wake County.

What kind of Grant does Wake Tech get?

Wake Tech is pleased to announce that the college has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $422,428 to help meet industry need for skilled technicians in technical art, photogrammetry, and technical animation.