Was Alain Delon married?

Was Alain Delon married?

Nathalie Delonm. 1964–1969
Alain Delon/Spouse

Is Nathalie Delon still alive?

Deceased (1941–2021)
Nathalie Delon/Living or Deceased

Who is Alain Delon wife?

Alain Delon/Wife

How old is Alain Delon now?

85 years (November 8, 1935)
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She remained friendly with Alain Delon, now 85, and their son posted a picture of the pair together this Christmas.

What happened Alain Delon?

Delon suffered a stroke in June 2019.

Who dated Alain?

In 1987, Delon met Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen on the set of the music video for his song “Comme au cinéma” and started a relationship. They had two children: Anouchka Delon (25 November 1990) and Alain-Fabien Delon (18 March 1994).

How many times did Alain marry?

Alain Delon
Years active 1957–2012
Spouse(s) Nathalie Delon ​ ​ ( m. 1964; div. 1969)​
Partner(s) Romy Schneider (1959–1963) Mireille Darc (1968–1982) Rosalie van Breemen (1987–2001)
Children 4; including Anthony and Anouchka

Is Alain Delon sick?

Legendary French actor Alain Delon, 83, suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and is currently ‘resting’ in Switzerland, his son revealed yesterday. Anthony Delon said his father’s vital functions were ‘perfect and his condition stabilised, according to doctors’.

Who is Alain son?

Christian Aaron Boulogne
Anthony DelonAlain-Fabien Delon
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What was the name of the movie Alain Delon starred in?

Delon was now one of the most popular stars in France. He starred in a swashbuckler, The Black Tulip (1964), another hit. Les Félins (1964), which reunited him with Rene Clement and co-starred Jane Fonda, was filmed in French and English versions.

What are the names of Alain Delon’s parents?

His parents, Édith (née Arnold; 1911–1995) and Fabien Delon (1904–1977), divorced when Delon was four. Both remarried and as a result, Delon has a half-sister and two half-brothers. His paternal grandmother was Corsican, from Prunelli-di-Fiumorbo.

Who was Alain Delon in be beautiful but shut up?

Marc Allégret cast him in Be Beautiful But Shut Up (1958), which featured a young Jean-Paul Belmondo. He was then given his first lead, supporting Romy Schneider in the period romance Christine (1958), based on a novel by Arthur Schnitzler. He and Schneider began a highly publicised romance in real life.

What did DeLon do for a living in the 1970s?

Business career. In the 1970s, Delon expanded his interests. He bought trotters [clarification needed] and promoted fights. Since the formation of a perfume label in his name, Delon has had a variety of products sold under his name including wristwatches, clothing, eyewear, stationery and cigarettes.