What are the latest news stories in Melbourne?

What are the latest news stories in Melbourne?

Check this page for latest breaking headlines covering major events, stories from Melbourne and the surrounding regions of Victoria.

Where are the fires currently burning in Australia?

The city of Perth has been blanketed in smoke and forecasters predict the poor air quality will still be around on Thursday. Areas of smoke haze are thickest in south-western and Western Sydney with burns currently taking place in Wollongong and the Blue Mountains.

Where can I get updates on the bushfire in Perth?

For the latest updates on the bushfire for City of Busselton, the Shire of Mundaring and the city of Swan, north-east of Perth, search on ABC Emergency or find your local ABC radio station

What was the story of the house fire in Australia?

A loving Victorian dad was away on business when he heard the gut-wrenching news his partner and young daughter had perished in a house fire. Dozens of wildfires burned across the torrid US West yesterday but fire agencies reported some progress in corralling the flames and forecasters predicted a gradual decrease in extreme temperatures.

How many people have died in Melbourne Lockdown?

Crown has been forced to stand down the majority of its Melbourne staff during Victoria’s second seven-day lockdown. Despite the surge of cases and deaths, some states in Brazil have started to reduce restrictions. The nation has had more than 460,000 deaths, the second highest overall in the world after the USA.

Who was arrested for the siege in Melbourne?

Ricky Garrard agreed to sell Sadiq Husseini drugs before stabbing him to death in a fight outside a Melbourne milk bar. A man has been arrested over a Melbourne siege where a woman was held hostage inside a pub earlier this month. A worker at a leading cancer centre in Melbourne has tested positive for coronavirus.

Why was bus driver racially abused in Melbourne?

A Melbourne bus driver has been racially abused by a passenger amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A terrorist will remain in jail for at least 20 years for plotting a Christmas Day attack in Melbourne’s CBD, with appeal judges ruling he got off lightly.