What is the age of getup srinu?

What is the age of getup srinu?

36 years (December 12, 1984)
Getup Seenu/Age

Who is wife of Sudheer?

Sudigali Sudheer Affairs/Dating/Marriage/Children/Kids Sudheer is unmmaried but in relationship with Rashmi, anchor of Jabardasth Show.

Who is auto ramprasad?

Ramprasad (Auto Ramprasad) is an Indian film actor and stand-up comedian, who is known for his performance in the Telugu Tv comedy shows Jabardasth and Extra Jabardasth. He has also appeared on show “Anubhavinchuraja”. Ram Prasad is an Indian stand-up comedian, television presenter, actor and scriptwriter.

What is the age of Jabardasth raghava?

Rocket Raghava Biography

Name Rocket Raghava
Career Indian Movie Actor
Date of Birth 20 September 1984
Age 36
Zodiac sign Yet to be updated

What is the age of RAM Pothineni?

33 years (May 15, 1988)
Ram Pothineni/Age

Did sudheer married Rashmi?

In an exclusive interview, Jabardasth anchor and Tollywood actor Rashmi Gautam said that she receives love and marriage proposals from fans. “I don’t their proposals very seriously,” she stated. Underlying meaning in her response was that comedian Sudigali Sudheer did not propose to her.

What is the salary of Sudigali Sudheer?

As per sources Sudheer yearly earnings will be around 50 lakhs. He has properties worth Rs 25 crore. Buzz is thSudheer is charging Rs 4 lakhs as his current remuneration.

How much does Sudigali sudheer earn?

Sudheer is likely to earn nearly 4 lac rupees from Jabardasth alone per month. And then, he also hosts a new show called Sridevi Drama Company and is a co-host on Dhee dance program too. For each of the shows, he’s likely to get around an 80K to 1.5 lac per episode easily.

Did hyper Aadi get married?

Hyper Aadi Affairs/Dating/Marriage/Children/Kids He is still single and busy with his work.