What is the RGB for Sage?

What is the RGB for Sage?

The hex code for sage green is #B2AC88….Color conversion.

Value CSS
RGB Decimal 178, 172, 136 rgb(178,172,136)
RGB Percentage 69.8, 67.5, 53.3 rgb(69.8%, 67.5%, 53.3%)
CMYK 0, 3, 24, 30
HSL 51.4°, 21.4, 61.6 hsl(51.4°, 21.4%, 61.6%)

What color looks good with sage green?

When it comes to complementary colors though, a muted red is said to be the best pairing for sage green if you’re feeling brave. Red and purples, as warmer colors, can work nicely against the cooler sage green.

What hex code is sage?

The sage hex code is #BCB88A.

How do I make sage green on my computer?

So for green, adding white will make a sort of sage without the depth that sage has. Adding black will get you to an almost true dark forest green.

Is sage green warm or cool?

Sage green is neutral, calming and can flow nicely with nearly any design style including the most popular at the moment: Farmhouse and Mid Century Modern. Sage varies in lightness and saturation. It can be earthy and warm or cool and silvery, so go as neutral or bold as you’d like.

Does GREY go with sage green?

Grey and sage greens And it works so well with grey because they have those same calming, grounding, soft tones and in fact when paired with grey this muted green almost becomes and neutral too. Perfect if you want to introduce second color to a grey room but not lose the overall serene, neutral scheme.

What is the percentage of sage green in RGB?

Each system has a different value, or percentage of colors, that make up every color in the graphic design spectrum, and the same can be said for sage green. In the RGB (red, green, blue) system, the sage green color percentage is comprised of sage green in the RGB system is (156,175,136).

What is the hex code for sage green?

The Sage Green Color Code: The HEX Code. The HEX color system is popular in many graphic design centers, so if you work in the industry there’s a good chance you’re completing your projects based on this spectrum. Thankfully, the HEX value for sage green is simple; the code you need to input is #9CAF88.

What is the RGB code for blue and green?

Blue RGB Color Blue RGB code = 0*65536+0*256+255 = #0000FF Red RGB Color Red RGB code = 255*65536+0*256+0 = #FF0000 Green RGB Color Green RGB code = 0*65536+255*256+0 = #00FF00 Gray RGB Color Gray RGB code = 128*65536+128*256+128 = #808080

What are the colors in the sage green palette?

Colors in Palette Hex RGB #8f9779 (143,151,121) #78866b (120,134,107) #738276 (115,130,118) #738678 (115,134,120)