What replaced DUST 514?

What replaced DUST 514?

Project Nova
First announced at Eve Fest 2016, Project Nova is part replacement, part spiritual successor, to Dust 514, CCP’s last ambitious attempt to create an FPS that tied into Eve Online’s world of massive spaceships and even bigger faction politics.

Can you play Dust 514?

EVE Online developer CCP Games has announced that its PlayStation 3 multiplayer shooter Dust 514 will be shut down at the end of May. Supplementary content like in-game currency has already been delisted from the PlayStation Network, but it can still be used in-game if previously purchased.

What happened to dust514?

Dust 514 will bite the dust on May 30. Servers for the free-to-play shooter spun off of the Eve Online continuity will close down after three years in play, developer and publisher CCP games announced today. Players may still play for free until then, but all premium items have been removed for sale.

Is Dust 514 still online?

However, CCP announced that Dust 514 would officially shut down on May 30, 2016.

Can you play Dust 514 offline?

CCP will take its PlayStation 3 title Dust 514 offline in May, and has cancelled the planned 1.3 update.

Can you play as a person in EVE Online?

EVE Online’s striking space vistas can now be viewed from a first-person perspective, giving stargazers an unobstructed look at the universe around them. EVE’s pilots are not staring out the windows of a cockpit – they’re nestled in a life-supporting pod. …

What do you need to know about Dust 514?

Dust 514 allowed players to customize infantry and vehicles with a modular fitting system similar to the ship fitting system in Eve Online. Dust 514 was a first-person shooter with elements of massively multiplayer online games.

Where does Dust 514 take place in EVE Online?

Dust 514 took place in New Eden and was directly connected to CCP’s game Eve Online. There was direct interaction between the two; player actions in one game affected the political, economic, legal, environmental, and social status of the other.

When did Dust 514 come out for PS3?

DUST 514 was a console-based MMOFPS set within the Eve universe, developed by CCP Games. It was announced on August 18, 2009 and was released on May 14, 2013. The game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The game’s services ended on May 25, 2016, after 3 years.

When was Dust 514 shut down by CCP?

The game was shut down by CCP on May 30, 2016. Dust 514 took place in the same fictional universe as Eve Online, a science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set 21,000 years in the future. The Eve Online backstory explains that humanity, after using up the Earth’s resources, began to colonize the rest of the Milky Way.