What technicality means?

What technicality means?

1 : something technical especially : a detail meaningful only to a specialist a legal technicality. 2 : the quality or state of being technical.

What is meant by technicality level?

The Technicality Analysis Model (TAM) suggests five levels of technicality: least technical, slightly technical, moderately technical, very technical and most technical.

How do you use technicality in a sentence?

Technicality in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The eager young job applicant didn’t think that she would be refused the job for a simple technicality like forgetting to sign the bottom of her non-disclosure document, but she was wrong.
  2. The serial killer was acquitted of his crimes because of a pesky legal technicality.

What is another word for technicality?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for technicality, like: triviality, detail, fine print, item, particular, group, trifle, nicety, intricacy and minutia.

What is a sadist?

: one characterized by sadism : a person who takes pleasure in inflicting pain, punishment, or humiliation on others a sexual sadist He’s a sadist and, where Toby is concerned, an unusually relentless one: he’s in the boy’s face constantly, prodding, belittling, taunting.—

What is technicality in writing?

Technical writing is a type of writing where the author is writing about a particular subject that requires direction, instruction, or explanation. This style of writing has a very different purpose and different characteristics than other writing styles such as creative writing, academic writing or business writing.

What is technicalities in writing?

The ability to produce outstanding written content and documents in general can be beneficial in any professional area. Study the most important technicalities in writing, including how to build proper paragraphs, effective use of emphasis and associated structural considerations. …

How do you use technicalities?

They won on a technicality and now I am supposed to pay a lot of money which I won’t pay. Charges of making false medical aid claims against him were dropped on a technicality and he instantly claimed he was innocent.

What are technicalities in law?

A technicality is a trivial or very small detail. A legal technicality is a small but ultimately important detail of the law. For example, a robbery suspect might have his trial dismissed on a legal technicality if the arresting police officer neglected to show him a search warrant before searching his house.

What’s another word for formality?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for formality, like: etiquette, courtesy, convention, formalness, gesture, paperwork, decorum, precision, correctness, rule and behavior.

Is a sadist a psychopath?

Studies have also found that sadistic personality disorder is the personality disorder with the highest level of comorbidity to other types of psychopathological disorders. In contrast, sadism has also been found in patients who do not display any or other forms of psychopathic disorders.

What is a sadist pronunciation?

/ˈseɪdɪst/ /ˈseɪdɪst/ ​a person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from hurting other people. Word Origin.

What is the noun for technicality?

noun technicalities 1 A point of law or a small detail of a set of rules, as contrasted with the intent or purpose of the rules. ‘their convictions were overturned on a technicality’

What does technically mean?

Definition of technically. 1 : with regard to or in accordance with a strict or literal interpretation of something (such as a rule, a term, or an official description or designation) What they’re doing is technically illegal. Technically, a tomato is a fruit.

What is a legal technicality?

The term legal technicality is a casual or colloquial phrase referring to a technical aspect of law. The phrase is not a term of art in the law; it has no exact meaning, nor does it have a legal definition. It implies that strict adherence to the letter of the law has prevented the spirit of the law from being enforced.

What is technical meaning in literature?

The technical aspects of any written work are its properties and techniques as seen from a literary and language perspective. All writing incorporates and is made up of technical elements like meter, form, sound (rhyme), and figures of speech.