What word is end?

What word is end?

An end is a conclusion or a last part of a long object. To end is to cease. The word end has many other senses as a verb, noun, and adjective and is used in several idioms. End is a very general word that means a conclusion or a part that is near the conclusion.

What word has Z at the end?

7-letter words that end in z

  • pizzazz.
  • kibbutz.
  • schnozz.
  • kolkhoz.
  • sovkhoz.
  • shegetz.
  • kibbitz.
  • chalutz.

What words have full at the end?

8-letter words that end in ful

  • powerful.
  • grateful.
  • colorful.
  • doubtful.
  • unlawful.
  • peaceful.
  • faithful.
  • dreadful.

What is the synonym of ending?

(Idiomatic) To conclude; to quit or. To annul, cancel, destroy, overturn, repeal, revoke, set aside, supercede, or otherwise do away with or put an end to.

What does ful stand for?


Acronym Definition
FUL Federal Upper Limit (Medicaid reimbursements)
FUL Fondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise (French)
FUL Fonds Unifié Logement (French: Unified Housing Fund)
FUL Federación Universitaria Local (Spanish: Local University Federation; Bolivia)

What words end with end?

12-letter words that end in end. misapprehend. countertrend. schoolfriend. uncomprehend. preapprehend.

What words end in list?

17-letter words that end in list. conversationalist. conspiratorialist. consubstantialist. congregationalist. denominationalist. constitutionalist. poststructuralist.

What words end with less?

14-letter words that end in less. expressionless. possessionless. foundationless. pretensionless. compassionless. conscienceless.

What words end with it?

12-letter words that end in it. microcircuit. overexplicit. spinnbarkeit. passionfruit. significavit. hectorspruit.