Where do I send my transcripts to WVU?

Where do I send my transcripts to WVU?

Official Undergraduate Transcripts

  • WVU cannot accept scans, uploads, faxes, or unverified photocopies of transcripts as official.
  • WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment. P.O. Box 6510. Morgantown, WV 26506-6510.
  • WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment. 1 Waterfront Place. 2nd Floor. Morgantown, WV 26505.

How do I get mail from WVU?

How do I access my email?

  1. Claim your Login at
  2. Enter your name, date of birth and the WVU ID provided on your acceptance letter.
  3. You will then receive information needed to access your account at

What is the zip code for West Virginia University?


Institution Information
Street Address: Presidents Office Box 6201
City: Morgantown
State: WV
Zip Code: 26506

Does West Virginia University have communal bathrooms?

Community Style Bathrooms – This is a large bathroom on the floor that multiple students share. The university provides toilet paper to students. Pod Style Bathrooms – There are multiple pod bathrooms on the floor that are shared by everyone on the floor.

What GPA do you need to transfer to WVU?

a 2.0 grade point average
To be eligible to enroll as a transfer student at WVU, students must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in all college work attempted. In addition, transfer students who have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours must also meet freshman admission standards, and may apply as test optional.

How do I declare a minor at WVU?

Students declare minors once they enter their major fields of study….Procedures for Declaring and Completing a Minor

  1. Complete an Academic Status Update (ASU) Form with their advisor.
  2. Indicate minor(s) on the Application for Graduation.
  3. Review the minor requirements are completed with the major advisor.

How do I add Mountie Bounty to WVU?

You can add funds to your account anytime at Once you are logged in, select ‘Add Mountie Bounty’ in the left navigation menu, and click the + Add Mountie Bounty button.

What is Morgantown WV ZIP code?

Morgantown/Zip codes

Is WVU a good school?

WVU is a highly rated public university located in Morgantown, West Virginia. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 19,369 undergraduate students. The WVU acceptance rate is 84%. Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Journalism, and Mechanical Engineering.

Can you request a roommate at WVU?

In order to offer our students safe and secure housing, only registered WVU students may post a roommate wanted listing on our site. All requests will be verified by Campus and Community Life. If users do not meet the requirement, their posting will be denied.

Can freshmen have cars at West Virginia University?

We discourage bringing a car to campus for first-time freshman students who are not commuting. However, our policy does permit first-time students to have a car. To be eligible to purchase purchase a parking permit, students must be registered for fall class and have completed their new student orientation.

Where is Braxton tower at West Virginia University?

Braxton Tower rates are available at the Room and Dining plan rates section of the Housing website. Available during the Academic Year; from May 15 – August 1, contact the Residence Hall Coordinator. Braxton Tower is located in the Evansdale Residential Complex. Take a quick tour to learn more about this dynamic community.

Where is Lincoln Hall at West Virginia University?

Lincoln Hall is located at 1014 Rawley Ave, Morgantown WV. It is within easy walking distance of (or a quick PRT ride away from) Evansdale campus buildings, as well as businesses along Patteson Drive and University Avenue. Get to know the neighborhood. There are many places to go within walking distance.

Where do I get my mail at West Virginia University?

When a student receives a package, they will receive an email at their WVU MIX account and/or a package slip in their mailbox. Packages will be held and may be picked up during the following hours and locations: Towers (Bennett, Braxton, Brooke and Lyon): Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. All other halls: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

How to send a package to a WVU student?

Sending Mail and Packages to your WVU Student 1 Students are assigned a mailbox in their residence hall. 2 Mail is delivered Monday – Friday in the residence halls; there is no Saturday delivery. 3 When a student receives a package, they will receive an email at their WVU MIX account and/or a package slip in their mailbox.