Where is Meera Nandan now?

Where is Meera Nandan now?

In 2014, she moved to Dubai to work as a Radio Jockey in Radio Red 94.7 FM. She, however, informed in social media that she will continue to work in films along with her job as RJ. She has now joined Gold 101.3 FM in Ajman as RJ.

Is Meera Vasudev married?

John Kokkenm. 2012–2016
Vishal Agarwalm. 2005–2010
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Is Meera Vasudevan divorced?

Personal life. Meera married Vishal Agarwal, son of cinematographer Ashok Kumar in 2005. They divorced in July 2010. In 2012, she married Malayalam actor John Kokken, with whom she has a son and got separated in 2016.

Is Meera Vasudevan a Malayali?

Meera Vasudevan (born 29 January 1982) is an Indian film actress and model, who has appeared in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu-language films. Meera was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra in a Tamil brahmin family as the eldest daughter to Vasudevan and Hemalatha.

How old is Navya Nair?

35 years (October 14, 1985)
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What is the age of chippy?

46 years (June 1, 1975)

Why did Meera Vasudevan divorce?

Now Meera is talking openly about it. She got married to Vishal Agarwal while she was shining in the film. That relationship lasted only three years. The divorce was sought when Vishal could not bear the brutal persecution.

When was the Tamil language film Meera and Hindi version of the same released?

Meera was released on 3 November 1945, Diwali day. The film became a major critical and commercial success; this led to the creation of a Hindi-dubbed version, which had a few scenes reshot, that was released two years later on 21 November and also achieved success….Meera (1945 film)

Country India
Language Tamil

What is the real name of Navya Nair?

Dhanya Nair
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Navya Nair’s real name is Dhanya Nair. Navya was just her stage name. But now everywhere she is known as Navya and not Dhanya.

How old is Mohini?

43 years (June 9, 1978)

How old is shobana?

51 years (March 21, 1970)

Who is the anchor of a Malayalam TV show?

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Is the name Meera a family name in India?

Meera Vasudevan. In this Indian name, the name Vasudevan is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Meera.

How old is Meera Vasudevan in real life?

Meera Vasudevan (born 29 January 1982) is an Indian film actress and model, who has appeared in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu language films. She received the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actress Critic’s Choice in 2006 and the Kerala State Television Award for Best Actress in 2007.