Which battery is best for discover 100cc?

Which battery is best for discover 100cc?


  • 400 VA.
  • 100 Ah.
  • Which battery is best for Discover bike?

    amaron ABR-PR-12APBTX50 5Ah Battery Sutaible For Discover 125 5 Ah Battery for Bike

    Brand amaron
    Model Number ABR-PR-12APBTX50 5Ah Battery Sutaible For Discover 125
    Suitable For Bike
    Battery Capacity 5 Ah
    Battery Type VRLA

    How do I claim a bike battery warranty?

    In the event of any complaint, the battery must be returned untampered & complete to the Company’s Authorised Dealer, Wholesaler or Depot in India along with the Warranty Claim Form. Delivery of the replaced/rectified/discounted battery will be F.O.R. to the same point.

    What is the price of bike battery?

    Questions & Answers on Two Wheeler Battery

    Battery Type Min Price Max Price
    Acid Lead Battery Rs 185/Piece Rs 2000/Piece
    Dry Charged Battery Rs 340/Piece Rs 1400/Piece

    Who Discovered battery?

    Alessandro Volta
    John Stringfellow
    It was discovered by another Italian named Alessandro Volta, whom the battery was named after, in 1800. Then, in 1868, a Frenchman called Georges Leclanché invented the “Leclanché cell.” This was the origin of today’s dry batteries, but it could be inconvenient to use as its ammonium chloride solution would spill over.

    How does a battery warranty work?

    How do pro-rated warranties work? Let’s suppose a battery has a five-year warranty, with the first two years offering free replacement. That means if the battery fails anytime within the first two years of service, it is replaced for free. After those first two years, a pro-rated fee is assessed for the replacement.

    What is the price of Discover 125cc?

    The Bajaj Discover 125 has been updated with CBS (Combined Braking System). It’s available in two variants – drum brake, priced at Rs 58,003 and disc version that retails for Rs 61,504 (both prices ex-showroom Delhi). The new Bajaj Discover 125 gets styling enhancements like a dual-tone seat and snazzy graphics.

    How many volts is my bike battery?

    Open circuit voltage for a fully, 100% charged AGM battery is 12.8 to 13.0 Volts. AGM batteries that are 75% to 100% charged will measure 12.5 to 12.8 volts. Conventional batteries have slightly lower open circuit Voltages: 12.6 volts (12.8 volts with Sulfate Stop) for 100% charge and 12.4 for 75% charge.