Why are they called ChocQuibTown?

Why are they called ChocQuibTown?

The band named themselves after the city and department that they had grown up in: Tostao said that “we chose the name because it’s very sonorous, and in music all the elements you use must be focused in sound”.

What is something special about ChocQuibTown?

ChocQuibTown is one of the most innovative bands to emerge in recent years from Colombia, captivating fans with a blend of Hip-Hop, salsa and marimba-infused rhythms. Quibdo, like the band, is about the barrio: The wooden shanties where music reigns and is an essential part of daily life.

What genre is ChocQuibTown?

Latin Urbano

When was ChocQuibTown formed?

ChocQuibTown/Active from
Formed in 2000, the trio is comprised of brother and sister, Gloria “Goyo” Martínez and Miguel “Slow” Martínez, and Carlos “Tostao” Valencia.

Where are Chocquibtown from?

Quibdo, Colombia

Who is the singer in Chocquibtown?


Where was nuqui filmed?

Filming in Colombia: The Pacific Coast, Nuqui.

Is Nuqui Colombia safe?

Yes, Nuqui is safe but it’s not very touristic yet. Near Nuqui, you can visit Jurubida and Guachalito (beaches) and the national park Utria. You can also the speedboats and travel up north to El Valle and Bahia Solano.

Is Buenaventura safe?

Other locals agree that Buenaventura has plenty of safe areas and they say the violence does not impact their daily lives. Jewelry-maker Gilberto Varon, who organizes a waterfront artisanal market, says people are safe as long as they don’t involve themselves with the rival gangs.

How do I get to Choco Colombia?

El Chocó is usually reached by flight from Medellín to airports in Bahía Solano and Quibdó. From Bogotá, there are direct flights to Quibdó or to an airport near Buenaventura. To travel within the region, you can explore nearby beaches and villages by boat due to limited roads in the region.

What is Buenaventura known for?

Mission San Buenaventura was founded by Roman Catholic priest Junípero Serra on March 31, 1782. It was the last mission established by Serra. The Chumash were the Native Americans who lived in the area. They helped build a system of aqueducts.

Is Colombia safe?

Do not travel to Colombia due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Colombia due to civil unrest, crime, terrorism and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.

Where does the band ChocQuibTown come from?

ChocQuibTown (sometimes written as Choc Quib Town) is a Colombian hip-hop group that fuses various musical genres. Although the band formed in Cali, the members are originally from the Colombian department of Chocó.

Who are the members of Choc Quib Town?

ChocQuibTown in 2011 at the US Navy Sealift Command Hospital during Continuing Promise 2011, a Caribbean humanitarian mission. ChocQuibTown (sometimes written as Choc Quib Town) is a Colombian hip-hop group. Although the band formed in Cali, the members are originally from the Colombian department of Chocó.

When did ChocQuibTown release their third album?

Following the success of “De Donde Vengo Yo” at the Latin Grammys the band signed with Sony Music Colombia to support its follow-up album Eso Es Lo Que Hay. The group’s third album, Eso Es Lo Que Hay, was released on Sony Music in November 2011, and was produced by Andrés Castro and Slow.

When did the ChocQuibTown move to Bogota Colombia?

After growing up in Chocó and forming in Cali, the ChocQuibTown relocated to Bogotá and gained popularity performing in the city’s bars. The group’s first two albums, Somos Pacífico (2006) and Oro (2010) were bolstered by the singles “Somos Pacífico” and “De Donde Vengo Yo”, with the latter song winning a Latin Grammy in 2011.